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From: OSHO Dallas at Zorba S.
Sent on: Saturday, July 28, 2012 7:57 PM

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Aug 11-12:Journey From Alone to Alone


Description: Satya Vedant

Swami Satya Vedant, a jewel in Osho community, an eloquent writer, doctorate, visiting professor in many universities, long time disciple of Osho, chancellor of Osho Multiversity, is visiting Dallas to conduct Osho Meditation Retreat on Aug 11-12, He will arrive in Dallas on Aug 1st to facilitate a few extra programs prior to the retreat.

Swami Satya Vedant was initiated into Sannyas by Osho in 1975. Osho appointed him as Chancellor of Osho Multiversity, Pune.

He holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Michigan, U.S.A., and another Ph.D. degree from M.S. University of Baroda, India. Vedant has given numerous public lectures and has held workshops around the world including at the United Nations, The World Bank, the Pentagon, as well as at Dr. Deepak Chopra's program in San Diego. In the corporate world, his workshops have been mainly focused on Stress Management and Managerial Effectiveness, Leadership, Human Relationship, Women and Self Empowerment, Education, and Health Enhancement for everyone.

Vedant's publications include books and a wide range of articles published in journals, magazines, and newspapers in India, USA, and Australia.


Aug 1st Wed: 7PM – 9 PM: Osho Kirtan Ecstasy and Welcome Swami Satya Vedant- FREE

Aug 3rd Friday: 7PM-9:30 PM-“Know yourself” with Swami Satya Vedant – Price $20

Aug 5th – Sunday: 9:15 AM – 12:30 PM – “Journey to the heart” with Swami Satya Vedant – Price $20

Aug 7th –Tues: 7PM – 9PM – “Women and Self-Empowerment” with Swami Satya Vedant – Price $20

Aug 8th – Wed: 7PM – 9:30 PM-“Love and Relationships” with Swami Satya Vedant – Price $20

Aug 10th – Friday – 7PM -9:30 PM – Weekend Retreat Kickoff Celebration with Swami Satya Vedant – Price $20

Aug 11th to 12th Saturday ( 9AM -9PM) Sunday( 9AM – 6PM) – “Journey From Alone to Alone”- Osho Meditation Retreat with Swami Satya Vedant – Price $125 (includes three simple meals and snacks items during the day)- Couples pay $200

*Contact us via e-mail for student and low income discounts, we don't stop anyone joining us due to lack of funds. Please mention what you can afford to pay while writing.

For the weekend retreat, we are not offering one day or half day attending option, you must register for the whole weekend. we encourage attendees to participate in every meditation activity, stay within the group and interact less with the outside world to imbibe the energy of the Buddha field and allow trigger spiritual transformation within.

People travelling from outside of Dallas can request to stay in the meditation hall of Zorba Studio on Saturday night. There is a shower in the Studio.

All the programs will be held at Zorba Studio.


Zorba Studio, Osho Dallas Meditation Center

3207 Skylane Dr. # 102, Carrollton, TX 75006

Ph. [masked]

Retreat Registration deadline is Aug 8th, After Aug 8th, You must contact us via e-mail to make sure there is a still the availability and there will be $50 per person surcharge in addition to the retreat cost.

Click here to pay-(This will take you to our website - scroll down to find the pay button).

Wear easy and relaxed clothes, don’t take heavy meals before you come.

*All the programs are based on Osho's revolutionary teachings and meditation methods.

Life is a miracle. If you have not known its mystery, that only shows that you do not know the technique for how to approach it." --Osho


OCT 19-21, 2012



Swami Anand Milarepa was initiated into Sannyas by Osho in 1978. The music of Milarepa and One Sky provides a supportive, healing ambience which allows the mysteries of the inner world to unfold and manifest gracefully. Meditation is life's ultimate luxury.





Time: 9:15 AM - 12:30 PM


Chakras are our energy centers. They are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. Their function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. They are associated with our physical, mental and emotional interactions. There are seven major chakras. The aura is often referred to as the eighth chakra. The first chakra (root) actually hangs outside of your body. It is located between your thighs, about halfway between your knees and your physical body. The seven chakra (crown) is located on the top of your head. The remaining chakras, (sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, and third eye), are aligned in sequence along your spine, neck, and skull. Individually, your chakras look similar to funnels with petal-like openings.

Chakras Healing Meditation open up your energy centers/Chakras and allow the life energy flow naturally. .

Come, learn this technique and take home the CD to bring it to your regular practice.


For newcomers the first workshop is always FREE.

For everyone else the price is 'Income Based' (to make the Osho meditations open to as many people as possible) so you decide what to pay based on what you can afford:

  • High/Medium Income $20 (Drop in price)
  • Low Income $10
  • Students/Unemployed $5
  • Couples $30 (Drop in price)
  • Pre-Register for 4 classes (to be completed in 60 days) & get 25% discount.
  • Monthly Membership $55

  • New Participants must come at 9:15 AM to get the introduction.
    9:15 AM – 10:00 AM: Introduction to the beginners & Osho Video for the regular members.
  • 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Dynamic Meditation.
  • 11: 00AM - 11:20 AM: Break.
  • 11:20 AM – 12:20 PM: Chakras Healing.
  • 12:20 PM – 12:30 PM: Sharing & Closing.
    Check out our website:


Zorba Studio
Carrollton, TX 75006

email: [address removed]




July 20-22


Click here to see pictures


Swami Arun is truly an Osho phenomenon, we are so lucky to have him in Dallas every year. His love, compassion, devotion to master Osho and energy bring transformationDescription: to many individuals. Thank you for everything Swami ji.

Osho Meditation Group Dallas

Magical Retreat !!!! Thanks and Gratitude..

This was the most wonderful weekend! Full of love, full of fun! I laughed so much my sides hurt! Each camp has its own flavor and offers me new insights! Thank you SO much ZORBA studio for making this possible! Imagine the chance to meditate in a buddhafield and with such a large group of fellow meditators & sannyasins! My heart is full and I am still humming inside!


A unique experience .

Wonderful retreat! Thanks to all who helped make this happen!!

Knowing God

Description: osho


There is no way to know more about God. You can know God, but you cannot know more about God. Knowing more about God is not knowing God. Knowing more is knowledge; knowing God is a totally different dimension. Knowing about is knowledge -- you can go on, about and about and about, but you will never reach to God. To know God is totally different than knowing about God. You can know much about love without knowing love at all. You can go to the libraries and you can consult the encyclopedias and you can collect all knowledge possible about love -- but if love has not happened to you, if that fire has not happened to you, you will not know what love is. You can collect all the stories about love -- Laila and Majnu, Shiri and Farhad -- you can collect stories about all the lovers of the world; that too won't help. Love has to happen to you; you have to fall into love. You have to take the risk, you have to gamble -- only then will you know.

You say, "I wish I could more about God." So, first thing: knowing more will not be of much help. That's how a person becomes a pundit, a scholar-knowledge. I am not here to help you become more knowledgeable; you already have too much knowledge. I am here to destroy your knowledge, to take it away from you. You have to learn how to unlearn.

And then you say, "I wish." Wish is a very very weak thing. Just by wishing, nobody can move towards God. More urgency, more deep desire is needed... desire which becomes a flame in you. Hunger is needed; wishing won't help. Thirst is needed... as if you are lost in the Sahara desert, and for miles all around just sand and sand and the burning sun, and not a drop of water with you and you cannot see any greenery anywhere, and you are thirsty, and your whole being is at stake -- any moment you can die -- and the thirst goes on and on and you become a flame... in that thirst, God is possible.

Become thirsty. Wishing is not enough; wishing is too weak. I have heard...

A hungry-looking tramp stopped at a farmhouse and asked for some food. The housewife brought him some and he sat on the back step enjoying all she had set before him.
As he sat there, a little red hen dashed by, being chased by a rooster. The tramp threw the rooster a piece of his bread. It stopped dead in its tracks and greedily swallowed the bread whole.
"Gee!" said the tramp. "I hope I'll never be that hungry."

You have to be tremendously hungry. It is not just a curiosity. God cannot be an object of your wish. God is not a wish-fulfillment, God is not your dream. God has to go like a flame into your guts. When you start feeling that nothing else matters, when God is the first priority and you are ready to sacrifice everything. When God becomes such an absorbing, urgent desire that even life is not meaningful any more without God-only then. And then there is no need for anybody to help you, your desire will do the work.

In that urgent thirst, in that intensity, all that is darkness in you disappears. In that flame, all that is useless burns down. You come out as pure gold.

God is your reality as much as it is my reality. God is as much your reality as it was Jesus Christ's or Gautam Buddha's. The difference is, you have not yet been able to sort out the chaff from the wheat; the wheat is in you, but too much chaff is there. In a tremendous desire to know, to be, the chaff burns down -- and there is no other way.

When you go to a master, he in fact does not help you to reach to God, he helps you to become more and more thirsty. He helps you to become more and more intensely hungry. He gives you thirst and hunger; he gives you a mad passion for the impossible.

One man came to Buddha and asked, "If I come and follow you, will I be able to know truth?" Buddha said: That is not certain. I cannot guarantee. I can guarantee only one thing, that I will make you more and more thirsty. Then everything depends on you. I can transfer my thirst to you and if you are ready to allow that much thirst... because it is painful. The journey is painful; all growth is painful. If you allow me to create that much pain in you, that very pain will purify. Pain is a purifying process.

So never ask about God as if it is your wish, and never ask that you would like to know more. God either is known or not known -- more or less is not the question. You cannot divide God -- "I know a little bit and somebody else knows a little more, and somebody almost half, and somebody a hundred percent." God cannot be divided; either you know, or you don't know. And the knowledge of God is not like any other knowledge. It is not like scientific knowledge, that you can go on knowing more and more and more, never ending, the procession continues. It is not a knowledge from the outside. The knowledge of God is not like knowledge, it is more like love. You disappear in your beloved -- that is the only way to know. And the more you disappear in your beloved, the more you know that "I don't know."

The greatest knower’s of God always say they don't know. They are like drops in the ocean -- they have fallen into the ocean and disappeared, and the ocean has fallen into them and disappeared. Now, who is the knower and how is the known?

Kabir has said: I was searching and searching and searching, and then I got lost, and then happened the miracle of miracles. When I was not there you were standing before me. And when I was there and searching and searching, you were so far away -- not even a glimpse. And now, look... I have disappeared. Searching, searching, I got lost, completely lost; my whole search absorbed me, destroyed me completely. Now I am no more... and my Lord, you are standing before me.

Kabir has said that the seeker never reaches to the sought. Man never confronts God -- because unless you disappear he cannot appear, so there is no meeting-point. When you are, he is not; when he is, you are not -- so how can you claim that "I know?" You are not -- only then, he is. When the knower disappears, the knowledge appears; it cannot be just a wish-fulfillment.

I can help you to become a flame -- thirsty, hungry, burning; I can give you the pain. Then everything else depends on you -- how much you go into that pain, into that fire. You can take a jump, and God can happen in a sudden moment. There is no need to wait, there is no need to postpone. This very moment it can happen... if you are ready to go into that pain totally.
OSHO: The Divine Melody, ch# 2(Become a flame)


Zorba Studio offers blend of Art, Meditation and Yoga.

During the weekends, we facilitate meditations inspired by Enlightened master OSHO and Yoga.

During the weekdays Zorba Studio is a Beautiful Art Gallery.

also on the web: Check out


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