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History of Functional Programming Languages

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Hi all,

happy New Year to everybody! I hope you have had joyful holidays, not necessarily spending all the time at the computer ;)

The next meetup takes place on Wednesday, February 27, at 6:45 PM on the premises of NetException GmbH. As always, thanks to Andreas Kinell for sponsoring the location.

The first half hour is for socializing/networking, with drinks and sandwiches available.

The main topic is presented by Stephan Missura at 7:15 PM: History of Functional Programming Languages.

F# has a fascinating heritage of functional programming languages, ultimately going back, via OCaml and other ML-related dialects, to Lisp (1958). F# was also influenced, among other things, by Haskell and Erlang. Lisp is the second-oldest programming language after FORTRAN; it is based on the lambda calculus and thus may be regarded as the mother of all functional programming languages.

Besides the core concept "functions are values", the functional approach has brought about various other productivity-enhancing features, many of which are still unknown in the popular OO/imperative languages.

I am excited that Stephan Missura will outline the history of functional programming languages for us. Stephan has extensive knowledge and practical experience on the subject, both from an academic and professional/entrepreneurial perspective. He was also the original founder of our group, before it was converted to a meetup.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Cordial regards,