What we're about

We based in Zurich and are all about socialising.

I myself am an expert in Zurich since decade, understanding how is it to be "an alien" in Switzerland! ;) But no problem, there are many warm hearted and cheerful people just like us. We like to meet, and are about spreading joy and having fun together.

As a professional dance instructor and a life coach, I am eagar to help and share my knowledge whether is dance or health or personal growth issue. Motivating people and spreading joy is my passion!

Our general event are about dancing, live concert, BBQ and more. We offer sometime Weekend Workshops for dance, life coaching or simply getting the like minded people together. We also have promo code for a lot of events and concert with discount, so stay tune on our events and notification.

Live is all about sharing and co-creation, let's create and share!

Look forward to meeting you!

hasta la pista!

Past events (95)

Salsa dance meet up.

Volkshaus Theatersaal

Caliente! 2018. meet and dance!

Salsapassion Dance Studio

Live Jam Latin music and dance party.

Barrio 5

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