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Created by Zyi Li Music and Entertainment LLC (ZME) (a local community entertainment organization improving music and entertainment in St. Louis. Lifting hearts one memory at a time); this is our community activities listing Meetup site which also promotes our shows and events as well. Please make a free profile to RSVP for and to stay up to date with our events.
Let's improve the music and entertainment scene in St. Louis and show off all the great local talent. The goal is to make entertainment better in STL. This is not just for music (but also dance, magic, comedy, art, gaming, etc.). This group is dedicated to hosting events to help people of all skill levels get out and play/perform/learn, to have fun/make friends, and also support/network those aspiring to "get on the big stage". Therefore, if you are a musician or anyone in the entertainment category (or simply like music and entertainment), do join and participate to help the arts thrive in our backyard. Please fill out all 5 profile questions so we can get to know you better and search for people with certain skills or interests to possibly form new performing groups together (you can also click on specific member's (called Stars) profiles to learn about them and reach out on your own). 
Be sure to read all the details in the events because they get very specific. Also read the comments as there is additional information there. Please RSVP to events so people can more easily contact you if you participated and so that we can prepare for who is going to events. Also be sure to post things in the discussions (https://www.meetup.com/zyilistl/discussions/) to improve the group and read those discussion threads to connect with others and to help your journey. 
Note that we will upload files into sharable Google Drive folders. However, overtime, we will delete old files to make space.
By the way, we do not know why some events get duplicated and monthly event dates get messed up, but just be sure to read all the events details!
Feel free to donate to the cause via PayPal (zyilistl@gmail.com), Venmo (@zyilistl), or CashApp ($zyilistl). 
If you'd like to collaborate or participate in anything, or form new groups, please reach out. 
Here is a list of website names/apps you should check out (especially for musicians): Craiglists (Community Tab), Fiverr, Bands In Town, Facebook Events, Eventbrite, Karafun, JamKazam, Bandmix, Kompoz, Splice, Blend, SoundCloud, BandCamp, GigSalad, Fandalism, DistroKid, SoFarSounds, BookaBand, ReverbNation, Scribd Sheet Music, IRealPro (App), MuseScore (App), Nextdoor (App). 
Thank you!
Zyi ("Z") Li

Upcoming events (4+)

Weekly Looking for a Musician or Band Bulletin Board

Online event

Please fill out all 5 profile questions so people can know you better! This bulletin Board is for musicians. There is another weekly non-musician bulletin board.

This is just a virtual search bulletin board for ...
1. Anyone trying to find a certain musician to do something or join their group.
2. Someone wanting to join a group.
3. A person or group ready to perform.
4. Someone looking to hire someone for some event.
5. A music student looking for a teacher.
6. A music teacher looking for students.
7. Anyone providing any music related services.

All you need to do is post in this discussion thread here (https://www.meetup.com/gigstl/discussions/6755397670696672/chat/). Include what you are looking for, some details about you to include experience, links to your content (YouTube, social media, etc.), and your contact information.

This is not an actual event where we will get together to talk. It is more of a place-holder Meetup event creating awareness that I am wanting to help people connect by collecting information of what you are looking for.

If you have posted before, no need to post again in the following weeks. I simply want to help people get connected to get their goals accomplished. It is never too late to start anything, but if you do not try, you may regret things later on!

Also, please fill out all 5 profile questions on your Meetup profile so I can get to know you better and search for people with certain skills or interests.

Creative Vision Board Artistic Night

Needs a location

Link to purchase tickets and for the address ($20 per person to pay for supplies): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/creative-vision-board-artistic-night-tickets-248198477327

This is just a fun event to allow people to express themselves with art and images, and also get to mingle with others in a small group setting.

We host this at our house. This is for up to 6 people max. 2 people per table. A 2-hour event. Feel free to BYOB and bring snacks for yourself or to share (we have plates/utensils you may use). Otherwise only bottled water is available. This is held at our house in-person. Masks and vaccinations are not required (at your own discretion). Family friendly, but don't bring your pets. However, we do have a Pomeranian dog.

You will get a poster board and use scissors and glue-sticks to cut things out you want to paste onto your vision board from an assortment of old magazines and also various pieces of old sheet music. Markers and paint/brushes are also available. At the end, if the weather is nice, spray paint is also available to be done outside in the back yard. Gloves, eye protection, and aprons are also available for use. Make your poster vision board however you want. Take home what you make on the poster board.

Music will be played throughout, so feel free to ask for song requests. Small trivia mind games and discussion topics will be done throughout for people to talk with one another.

Welcome To St. Louis Missouri 1-on-1 Hello

Online event

This is a 1-on-1 virtual meet and chat for new people visiting, passing through, or moving to St. Louis Missouri. Or even for those that have been in the area a while to meet us and network! We would like to get to know people, help them get more established, and at least have someone they know and can call a friend. We will try to do this every week. We will message a Zoom link before the event starts.

1-On-1 Free Virtual Dating Match-Making Interview (18+)

Online event

This is a free virtual match-making service event with the goal of helping you connect to that special someone (for ages 18 and up).

This event allows me to quickly interview and get to know singles in the local area. I will catalogue people we interview.

If you plan to participate, fill out and email this questionnaire (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fr65krzj47vdNnZhPc52qhNsBBJtFTkm/view?usp=sharing) to [masked]. I will be sure to keep your personal information private. The items marked *PUBLIC* will be sent to people if I believe there may be a match. Fill out as much as you would like (we basically thought of as many things as possible that will eventually come to light in a relationship as to kick start things and not hide anything). Note there are 2 sections (same questions, but the first part is about yourself and the second part is about the other person (feel free to include a range)). Note the more details the better.

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