Lambda expressions for the regex classes

From: Ben E.
Sent on: Friday, January 4, 2013 7:53 PM

Cross-post from Adopt-OpenJDK.

If there's anyone here who's interested in helping out with some
technical work with lambdas, please have a read of this post & come &
join us on the AdoptOpenJDK mailing list for discussion.



Hi all,

There's been a short thread on lambda-dev about adding new methods to
the Java regular expression classes (java.util.regex.*) to take
advantage of lambda expressions.

I've proposed adding this method to java.util.regex.Patt­ern:

public Predicate<String>­ asPredicate(){
    return s -> this.matcher(s).find­();

This would then mean that given you could do things like this:

Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\d+­-\d+");
List<String> myStrs = getSomeStrings();
List<String> phoneNumbers =­er(p.asPredicate()).­into(new ArrayList<>());­

in order to filter a list of all the things which aren't phone numbers.

Brian was receptive to this idea, and wants to see what other "point
lambdaifications" we can come up with for the regular expressions

So, can you have a think about the existing java.util.regex classes &
see where any of the new lambda technology & classes could be added to
the existing support to make life easier?

If you post your ideas here, we can talk about them as a group, and
then when we've got a few good ideas, I can take them back to Brian.

What do you think - who's up for this?



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