5 Reasons you don’t want to miss this Workshop!

From: Chris J.
Sent on: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 10:49 AM

On July 7th I am offering my first in a series of workshops that fall under the Freedom Architecture Banner – aimed to give you everything you need to build an online business around your passion then take yourself out of the equation using automation and virtual assistants.

I am writing because I didn’t quite get the response I was after form the Meetup, now I say ‘Meetup’ because the event is also live and selling on Eventbrite, We teachme.com and will be listed as a feature event in Melbourne next week on Eventfinder and I don’t want you to miss out.

The spots are limited and definitely aimed at the Meetup Crowd – business owners, marketers, sales gurus and people looking to take the leap into the online world.

Now I officially wrapped up my agency DreamPushers last week, so I can live my dream of blogging full time and so I can truly focus on helping people see success online.

I am in no way trying to upsell you or cross sell you to anything, just share everything I have learned after running a digital agency for 10 years.

As to the reasons:

1) You will get ripped off. The cloak of a digital agency is almost comparable to a shifty mechanic, sometimes things that are quite simple and easy to put together yet you are still charged as if there are weeks of development involved. I will show you how to put a world-class website together on the day without a single bit of programming knowledge – just clever outsourcing and resources. This will save you thousands in agency fees

2) Super Low Value – Now this maybe considered sales talk but it is true. My colleague has worked for years with people that run high end courses, that pump you up to the point of know return, spending $5,000 on a weekend course only to realize at the end that you still have to pay for a website on top of that!

3) No Selling / Real Learning - This is real knowledge you can implement straight away not a course aimed at putting you in a sales funnel to pay $5-10k for the real info.

4) Online Business Is Key – If I cannot sell you on rationality let you me sell you on a dream that is realised by many in this field. If you want real freedom and mobility do what it is that you love, and that could be blogging about stamps, it does not matter you have the platform, the reach, and you can make money online! Lifestyle Design are not buzzwords they are a reality, and it all starts with online business and your website.

5) Confusion / Information overload – Now there are many ways to put a website together, a million options for hosting, email marketing clients etc I know that, but I will show you what has worked for me time and time again. How I find designers, how I research keywords, how I put a video together to market the product, the list goes on.

The aim of this workshop is to give you an introduction to online business with a focus on building a great online presence, a well designed website – with a great newsletter and online store without the overheads!

Ok so enough ranting! ☺

I look forward to seeing you at the workshop or down the track in future Meetups.



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