State of CT Power Update!

From: Hal B.
Sent on: Friday, November 4, 2011 1:42 PM

Hello everyone, I hope for those of you living in the State of CT you’re fairing better than I power was out until last evening (I lost all power last Sunday!)...really a “Daniel Boone” kind of heat, no electricity and of course my car was stuck inside the garage since the manual override on the door did not communication makes for a very difficult set of days....and we still have hundreds of thousand of people without power as I type this note...I hope they’re all ok.

Just a reminder for our Pre-Market Trader members our next upcoming session is this coming Tuesday morning at 7:30 AM....I will get the webinar invites out today....seems I got a ton of email and Skype messages wanting to know what’s going on...that’s good since it shows you guys are paying attention...I love it!

By the way, a very quick look at the markets this morning confirms there’s trouble brewing Europe and the news is not good....I have repeatedly told our PMT members for the past month to pay close attention to the yields on 10 Yr Italian Bonds...more specifically, these yields must stay below 6% to keep the water from boiling....I told folks over 4 weeks ago if the Italian bond yields jumped up over 6% that signals big issues...don’t listen to the news since it changes hour by hour depending upon who is talking and what station you’re listening yields are the lifeblood of the markets, the money flow if you will and for Italian bond yields to be rising over 6% indicates Dorothy isn’t in Kansas anymore...

I have kept our PMT members appraised of these yields during each session...granted, some days the news out of Europe was good (and the markets rallied) and some days the news was bad (and the markets fell)...the only item you really need to follow, to really understand how the global markets are reacting to the Euro crisis is the 10 Yr Italian Bond yields....we started watching them when they were at 5.62% and have followed them since...and like water always finding a low point or a leak no matter how small, the global bond markets will always represent the best view of market risk...and the way to really look at market risk in Europe is NOT what the talking heads are saying on TV or even worse; -what the Politicians are saying in front of the camera’s...simply watch the bond yields...this keeps your sanity in check and you will believe what the markets are saying, not TV pundits...remember, the markets and price action is always correct...a true reflection of value (or lack thereof)....

I am send this email out to ALL of our Trader User Group Members and non Members (those who subscribe to our blog as well as those that joined our web site)....if any of you are interested in joining our Pre-Market Trader sessions then simply respond to this email and I will get you all set up....we’re having tons of fun!!

Have a great weekend and I will be in touch...and enjoy the madness!

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