Disgraceful Seal Hunt: Tell Canada's government: You cannot hide

From: veganvet
Sent on: Thursday, October 18, 2007 2:55 PM
Dear UAALA members,

I just received an action alert from HSUS about an egregious attempt on the part of the Canadian government to punish those who lawfully documented the cruel slaughter of seals on the ice. I'm sure many of you are already familiar with Canada's annual seal hunt which claims the lives of hundreds of thousands of seals each year in the worst ways imaginable. In 2007, more than 215,000 baby seals were killed in Canada for their fur -- clubbed, shot and skinned in the largest commercial hunt of marine mammals in the world.

Once again, the Canadian government is trying to block observation of the commercial seal hunt, and we have very little time to act. Please join me in protecting the right to bear witness to the hunt and expose its cruelty to the world.

Below is the alert from HSUS that I received.

Thanks for taking action!


Dear Armaiti,

Today, as you read this, I and four other members of The Humane
Society of the United States' ProtectSeals team will go on trial
for documenting Canada's commercial seal hunt.

Please take action today to help end the cruel seal hunt by sending the Canadian government comments on the trial of the ProtectSeals team and proposed amendments to the Marine Mammal Regulations. Comments are due in October!
Alarmed by the international outcry against the hunt, the
Canadian government is desperate to cover up the cruelty that
takes place on the ice every year when sealers slaughter
hundreds of thousands of seal pups for their fur. And the
government appears ready to sink to desperate tactics to stop us
from exposing the truth.

Tell Canada what you think of its attempt to draw a curtain
around the cruelty of the commercial seal hunt: Contact Canadian
Prime Minister Stephen Harper today:

The incident in question happened on March 26, 2006. My team of
observers and I filmed sealers as they killed helpless baby
seals, documenting apparent violations of hunt regulations.
Without warning, officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
and the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans stopped us
and accused us of being slightly within the 10-meter distance
from seal hunters required by our observation permits. We were
not, and we have the evidence to prove it.

Some of our footage was seized, and we were denied observation
permits for the rest of the 2006 hunt. Tomorrow, we must appear
in a courtroom in a sealing community in the Magdalen Islands to
defend ourselves.

These trumped-up charges are part of the government's concerted
campaign to block observation of the hunt. Just months ago, the
DFO proposed to double the distance observers must remain from
seal hunters, making documenting cruelty violations even more
difficult. In marked contrast, seal hunters have threatened and
assaulted observers on the ice floes--even going so far as to
throw rocks at our helicopter blades while we were in the air
and threatening the safety of every person on that
helicopter--and received not even a reprimand.

The government and the sealers know they must keep the public
from witnessing the cruelty of the hunt. One by one, nations are
closing their markets to Canadian seal products, while legions
of individuals and companies are joining the boycott of Canadian
seafood. The Canadian government and sealing industry know they
must do something to take the pressure off.

But rather than address the extreme cruelty we document each and
every year, they are trying to eliminate the documentation.

It's a cruelty cover-up. But it can only work if we let the
Canadian government get away with it. We need your help. We are
fighting for our right to be there for the seals and to expose
the abuse that is unleashed on the unsuspecting baby seals each
year, but we cannot do it alone. The truth is on our side.

Speak up for the seals -- and for the truth -- today.

Thank you for everything you've already done to help save the
seals. Together, I am confident that we can end Canada's cruel
seal hunt forever.


Rebecca Aldworth
Director, Canadian Wildlife Isssues
The Humane Society of the United States

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