Player openings in a weekly Tuesday D&D group

From: Dennis
Sent on: Monday, April 21, 2008 1:50 PM
I am looking for players for my Tuesday D&D group.

A two year campaign has drawn to a close. Family and job constraints has forced several players to leave the group, so there are now openings. Here is an overview of the new game.

Every Tuesday (mostly)
Time: start around 6:45 -10:30 max.
D&D 3.5 Forgotten Realms (no plans to switch to 4.0)
This will be an ocean game. Characters start on an island nation.
Any 1st level character class, 28 point buy (more details later).
Races Human or half-elf
Alignment: any Neutral to Good
Location: my home in Ypsilanti township (south of I-94 east of Whittaker)
This is a long term campaign, punctuated by short independent games run by players in the group.

This is NOT a hack and slash. I find as DM, a game based largely on combat to be boring. All my games have a storyline/plotline with lots of intrigue, interwoven NPC?s and plot lines. There is nothing like a good combat, but puzzles, gathering information, roleplaying are more important to the game than the fight. The fun is in the journey.

There will be some home rules. Largely they are there to keep the game from getting bogged down from a time standpoint or to keep a player from becoming overwhelmingly powerful in respect to other characters. For example, a wizard will only role a concentration check when in a tough combat situation.

I am heavy on props and special effects to describe a scene, so be prepared to place your mini in a village on a boat or in a dragons mouth..

Above all players (including me) are gathered together to have fun. I try to design a game so all players have fun. I want everyone to leave with a grin.

There is a Yahoo Group set up for players to belong to as a method of communicating between sessions or to post messages, pictures, equipment lists, spell lists, etc..

Let me know if you are interested in joining this group by e-mail to [address removed].


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