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This month two players, Curt and Tony, have volunteered to run 5e D&D. Curt will bring pre-gens at 6th level, but if you wish to make your own character then use the following link and instructions on pages 1-3. The starting gold is the standard unrolled value. Tamira will be running a modern game called World of Darkness. The teen group will be at Denny's as well, continuing their adventures in Pathfinder. I will be adding more details over the next couple days. The purpose of the 2nd Saturday Meetup is to bring together experienced players with people new to, or rejoining the RPG world. The games are short one time adventures. No experience is necessary. If you ever have questions I am always willing to help. Roll a 20, Dennis Join our Facebook group to keep up with the most current details of events and communicate with other members at:

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Meet new people, try out different RPG game systems, and forge home groups and lasting friendships! We play a lot of D&D (several editions) and Pathfinder, often have Star Wars, Gamma World, 7th Sea, Call of Cthulhu, and other systems to check out. It's a great way to get to know other gamers in the area and find home games to join.

Our games are one-shots that can be played within 4-5 hours, and we're totally beginner-friendly. Never played before? Neither had any of us, the first time we played. Are you a long-time RPG expert? Ask us about joining the ranks of Dungeon Masters and run a table of your own. Potential DMs must attend a couple of Meetups and play with at least one of the organizers to be considered.

We also occasionally run events for the beginning Dungeon Master, prop-maker, mini-painter, and board game enthusiast.

Hope to see you soon!

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