Re: [ia-55] Group Workshop Techniques for Identifying Business Goals

From: Weston T.
Sent on: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 8:54 PM
In addition to Innovation Games, you might also check out GameStorming (though it looks like Innovation Games includes many of the Innovation Games). I have the GameStorming iPhone app, which is not great, but is a passable way to quickly thumb through methods. Seems as if many of the same games are in Innovation Games. The games I know best tend to be about idea generation and reframing a problem (e.g., "solve the anti-problem" or "wear a different hat"). Nonetheless, here are some suggestions.

Business goals
If the group really don't know their business goals coming in, then you could look into something like an Indi Young-style mental model. For that, you map the user's tasks/needs into columns in a rough left-to-right flow, then draw a horizontal line under them and do another set of columns where you fill in how your company meets supports the tasks. It's a great way to identify gaps and also pile-ups (where you have too any offerings). You can do it "discount" (using knowledge in the head / assumptions) and still get great starting points. See her book and this example diagram.

  • Bang for the Buck
  • Impact & Effort Matrix: use quadrants for high impact/high effort, low impact/high effort, etc. 
  • Dot voting: give participants little dots to mark their votes for top priority items (and restrict their # of dots to some smallish number that makes it hard)
KPIs / measures of success (could be a stretch)
  • Design the Box: Where part of what shows on the box are the success points from a user standpoint (like the benefit statements that products use to entice you)
  • Can't quite remember the version I played of this, but something like "write a press release about the successful launch" in which you talk about all the great things that have come to pass (equaling success measures).
Have fun!

On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 11:03 AM, Thomas Donehower <[address removed]> wrote:

Checking to see if anyone has any recommendations for workshop
games/techniques for identifying business goals for a website. Will be
working with about 10 stakeholders. Goal of the meeting is to identify
business goals, KPIs and measures of success. I have had success using
Post-Its and free-form listing, then having the group chunk,
categorize and prioritze goals. Checking to see if anyone recommends
any other techniques.



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