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The Los Angeles User Experience Meetup
Los Angeles is home to one of the largest volunteer-run User Experience (UX) professional development organizations in the world. The Los Angeles User Experience Meetup has more than 5,300 members. 
Since the organization was founded on April 21, 2007 by Lynn BoydenChris Chandler, Craig Nakano and Weston Thompson, over 60 events have been held for User Experience Designers, Information Architects, Interaction Designers, UX Researchers, Usability Analysts and Engineers and others interested in UX-related topics. Our events are open to the public, are usually free and range in size from small gatherings to events with 400 attendees. Some of the topics covered since 2007 have been accessibility, taxonomy, internet technology, lean UX, Customer Experience (CX), mobile design, prototyping and much more. 
The group also partners with other local UX groups to put together events. A listing of the other UX organizations in the area can be found on this Quora thread.
Throughout the years, many UX professionals in the Los Angeles area have contributed substantial time and effort to grow the community. In particular, these leaders played a crucial part in the group's history:

  1. Alberta Soranzo
  2. Alex Vejnoska
  3. Alexa Roman
  4. Alexis Antonelli
  5. Amy Li
  6. Angel Anderson
  7. Brian Clayton
  8. Carlos (Charlie) Salazar
  9. Chris Chandler
  10. Christian Sosa-Lanz
  11. Christopher Rider
  12. Coco Chalfant
  13. Craig Nakano
  14. Crystal Ehrlich
  15. Darren Wong
  16. Grace Lau
  17. Hannah Galloway
  18. Janette Shew
  19. Jason Gillard
  20. Jens Jonason
  21. Jessica DuVerneay
  22. Jill Strawbridge
  23. John Khuu
  24. Jon Plummer
  25. Kathy Mirescu
  26. Lara Fedoroff
  27. Lynn Boyden
  28. Matthew Hays
  29. Michael Stancato
  30. Monique Escamilla
  31. Noel Saw
  32. Nuzi Barkatally
  33. Patrick Neeman
  34. Peter Maziak
  35. Rajesh Sharma
  36. Sam Bloomberg-Rissmann
  37. Sarah Stern
  38. Seth Gordon
  39. Steven Diebold
  40. Susan Oslin 
  41. Tai Green
  42. Tim Gallati
  43. Tim Richards
  44. Weston Thompson

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