Tonight's Meeting Needs Things

From: Miles Z. S.
Sent on: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 3:38 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen -

Some things fell through leading up to tonight's meeting (though, I
hope to have some surprises for future meetings as a result). This
means I need your help, please! Our meetings are never quite the same
when they lack discussion, and usually discussion is created as a
direct result of a thought-provoking chat (or rant, as the case may
be). It would be great if you would be willing to jump up there and
talk about something. I know this can be intimidating, but what more
casual group could you hope for? I mean, I get up there and "ummm, uh,
yeah, sooooo" my way through stuff all the time. No one ever says
anything. Sometimes people play nice and say I did a good job, even!
You can do better than that. You took that Intro to Communications
course, right? Cake. Plus, afterward you can drink a beer to forget
(if you like). It's totally cool with me if you want to drink a beer
before, by the way.

What say you? A quick rant about sending JSON over the wire versus
HTML? DHH would be proud (or angry, depending on your stance). A
showcase of that baby gender announcement thing you built? People be
making babies all the time YOU ARE GOING TO BE RICH. The highlights
(lowlights?) of going from building a custom Ruby on Rails app for
internal use in a small shop to customizing an enterprise PHP app?
LULZ. Hell, perhaps you want to talk about how the organizer of this
group is sort of passive-aggressively­ hinting that specific regulars
maybe could save his ass tonight if they would say a few things? It's
all fair game.

So come at me, bros and sist ... Sis... sisses? Anyway, let me know.


PS - I think we may have sponsorship covered because awesome people.
Thanks! You'll know soon enough.

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