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The Anatomy of a Ruby Gem: Going From Zero to Sharing Code with Tony Drake To many Rubyists just starting out, gems can appear very mysterious. You list them in a Gemfile and run 'bundle install' or install them directly with 'gem install'. Suddenly, your programs gain more functionality than they had before. But what are gems? What makes them work? How can you make your own to share with the world? Let's find out. Let's talk about... specs with Steve Hodges Description: In this short Ruby Jam, Steve shares quick tips for writing better Ruby specs. He'll tell it how it is, and how it could be, how it was, and of course, how it should be. New or intermediate testers will learn a thing or two; experienced devs can silently laugh at Steve's mistakes along the way. Come on - let's talk about specs! Bios: Steve has been writing Ruby since 2011, and writes (and relies on) tests daily. He's written web applications for money since the dark days of PHP 3.x. He enjoys solving problems, improving craftsmanship, mentoring, and tacos. Tony is a senior developer with about 10 years of professional development experience (8 of those with Ruby). He enjoys working in development teams of all sizes and helping junior developers level up. When he's not hacking away or being a part-time DevOp, you can find him online kicking butt in Mario Kart.

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