Summery update

From: John G
Sent on: Monday, June 3, 2013 1:33 AM

Lets hope summer is arriving properly  - maybe our 2 or 3 weeks of sun we're due most years are just around the corner? That means we can do more picnics, more walks, and other outside events. Thankyou very much Max by the way, for organising the last Picnic and the next one (that's the Picnic8th June, this coming Sat.). We're always keen to see new ideas and events suggested though, especially when they're free (or spending is optional) and easy to get to in central London.

Other events, or ones still in the planning stage (check them out!), are:

Big Gay Surf Week - organised by a company setting up the UK's first ever LGBT surfing event, June 23rd; they're the ones putting it on so speak to Elena Theodorou (listed as the event organiser for this) for any more details.

Wine Tasting (been an idea for a while, need to discuss it with someone and find a good day for it - still a draft event but probably will be happen later in the summer)

Walks - we had several of these last year/before that were generally pretty successful. So I'm considering repeating them or in a different area, green spaces and paths like along the old canal routes is a great way to escape the city a little without travelling far. Ideas welcome! This would be on a weekend, beware that if the weather changes drastically they might get rescheduled at short notice (a few days before).

Some more dinner evenings would be great - they always work well, can be fitted into weekday evenings nicely and are a wonderful way of breaking the ice and getting to know new people in a non-bar environment. Budget and diet (eg. vegetarians) is obviously a consideration for many, but we've found some great value places that plenty enough enjoy and even stretched people's horizons with different culture's foods.

The summer months give us lots to look forward to in the wider community - London Pride (29 June, with a Bi walking group to parade in or just hang out in Trafalgar square), and BiCon 2013 (in Edinburgh this year, 18-21 July). Then there's Celebrate Bisexuality international (aka. Bi Visibility) day on 23 September which always gives us a boost and is right near our usual September meet as well as being our birthday/anniversary month (6 years this year!).

Lastly, a few of us are looking at extra venues for those who prefer a quieter evening to our current monthly bar - they've been accomodating (mostly), and make my life relatively easy for the 4th Thursday meets; but its quite hard to have longer conversations at a reasonable volume especially as the evening draws on and it turns louder and clubbier. Not everyone wants that. We could have a (limited numbers, max.40) event upstairs there again, or we can find another space in another bar or cafe or similar that's bookable and that doesn't want a regular deposit every month or guaranteed minimum income that we'd worry about - there are a few potentials we have in mind at present but it all takes time as we all have lives besides the group.


On a more general note, the group's still growing steadily, as always - now over 1350 members, and it's always been reflected in new people turning up for every meet. So if you've only been an online member so far, or haven't met us yet, or haven't been in over a year - why not come along to a meet soon, they really are friendly and have a relaxed atmosphere - there'll be 50-odd other members too if you choose the monthly bar social (fewer at other non-bar meets). If there's not a meet that suites your free evenings/weekends, why not suggest an event - I can't please everyone all the time, and I can't read your mind to know what you'd want. So do pipe up and suggest a meet on the site - others can help fill in details as they see it. Normally it takes 3 people to rsvp (helps prove its realistic and not spam); but if you're a regular or trusted member and it matches the social style of the group or is new and interesting, I'll make more effort to turn it into a proper event for you if it needs it; or even if its just a new and really interesting idea that grabs lots of attention (like the short-notice Science Museum Lates visit for their sexuality themed event just last week that filled up very quickly and did really well).


I'm glad to report the first event of the new bi dance club Greedy London went well, with 97 of us and other bi groups/individuals turning up to make new friends and dance away til 2am last Friday. I hear it'll probably be on again at the end of June, so watch out for that on our/their calendar (start of the Pride weekend).

Do we have any artists here? I've always wanted more of a logo for the group, that I can stick on meetup signs and any promotional items I do for the group and as our group logo on - so if you have any ideas or ability to produce something, I'd love to hear from you or see a sample idea (or draft of - I'm capable with graphics software but more of a hobby photographer than a graphics artist).

Thanks to all the folk who rsvp and turn up that help make our group such a success, whether you're a regular, just-joined, or newly keen attender; whether bi, curious, or just enjoy the company of open-minded girls and guys in a friendly social atmosphere.

Hope to see you soon at one of our lovely events!

John G. (group organiser)

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