Important Note for Beekeepers - Action Advisory

From: Liane
Sent on: Monday, November 14, 2011 12:24 PM

We are seeing and hearing of bees going through stores and/or taking feed at a high rate due to speculative foraging in the unusually warm weather.

Beekeepers, please do check your hive(s) for sufficient stores- even if they were heavy last time you checked. We've seen several hives lately that had full mediums a month ago that have eaten themselves out of house and home!

Feed 2:1 sugar syrup if there's any doubt.

To determine the state of a hive's stores, pull out frames and count up how many full frames of honey (1 frame = both sides).
  Ideally, you want to see at least one full medium of fully drawn, filled, capped frames or the equivalent going into the winter.

Other fall pointers:
 - Remove queen excluders
 - Hive should be brought down to a maximum of four boxes high (standard mediums).
 - Consider setting the entrance reducer to the medium-sized opening to reduce risks of robbing when you feed. And please make sure the there's not way for bees to get into your feeder -

"Bees do not swim" (Jim)

Oh yes, and did we mention:  Feed Feed Feed!

We'll cover prep for actual cold in the next note.


Concerns, questions, please email [address removed]

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