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Subject: Ethan B sent you a message: Vote for SOIL, an ecological sanitation nonprofit in Haiti!

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Vote for SOIL, an ecological sanitation nonprofit in Haiti!

Hi NY Permaculture Group Organizers!

I was wondering if you could possibly forward this email to the NY Permaculture Meetup Group or to other contacts. It's about an amazing ecological sanitation nonprofit in Haiti whose work is holistically and simultaneously address problems of sanitation, health, soil fertility, and erosion. SOIL is in a fundraiser competition, partially determined by online voting. If you could pass the below info to the group or any other contacts, that would be Amazing! Hopefully this is not inappropriate for this group.


Please take a moment to vote for an amazing non-profit in Haiti called SOIL that focuses on ecological sanitation: a low-cost, holistic, and effective way to simultaneously tackle sanitation, health, soil fertility, and erosion problems that plague Haiti. Voting will better its chances of winning up to $1M in funding.

The funding would be used to expand a program to bring composting toilets to individual homes in Haiti's capitol, Port-au-Prince, worst hit by the earthquake AND by cholera (which would be eliminated if composting toilets were used!)

Here's the link to vote: http://rs.applications.grandchallenges.ca/en/viewVideo/28735E6AA1EE3AA8878995
You'll have to register an account on the website in order to vote, but it's easy and you won't get spam from them.

Please pass this along to all of your circles. Thanks so much for your help! Below is a blurb about SOIL that provides more info.


I volunteered with SOIL in August 2010 and it's a truly amazing organization committed to the betterment of Haiti and using local staff and resources.

Ecosan - ecological sanitation - is about the composting of human "wastes", recovering their considerable nutrients to be safely returned to the soil. The genius of ecosan is that it simultaneously addresses sanitation, health, soil fertility, and erosion problems that plague Haiti.

Ecosan is safe and prevents the spread of diseases spread by poor sanitation, like cholera. So many people in Haiti don't have toilets, and the infrastructure required for flush toilets is not cost effective or efficient in Haiti. Ecosan will create business opportunities, improve Haiti's agriculture, provide dignity for people who don't have a place to go to the bathroom, and help prevent needless and tragic outbreaks of disease like cholera.

Your vote for SOIL could literally make a difference in thousands upon thousands of peoples' lives. Research them at www.oursoil.org, and even consider becoming a direct financial supporter. Sasha Kramer and all the SOIL staff (a majority of whom are Haitian!) are amazing people. Sasha has a Ph.D. in Ecology and chose to give up a comfortable academic life to settle permanently in Haiti and use ecology to improve and better both Haiti and the lives of its people.
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