Resource: Documentary to Look at the "Promises of Urban Agriculture"

From: Ashwani V.
Sent on: Sunday, March 3, 2013 10:16 AM!/promisesofurbanagriculture/info

A feature-length documentary on urban agriculture in various cities around the world.


Promises of Urban Agriculture is a feature-length documentary on urban agriculture across the world. Looking at the historic, cultural, and economic significance of urban agriculture in a number of major cities, the video examines a wide range of approaches and asks: is this a movement that will dramatically reshape our cities and way of life?

Spanning from Quito, New York, Milwaukee, Albany, Det...roit, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Amherst, Brussels, and elsewhere, this research project draws from the diverse narratives of a range of groups and individuals involved with urban agriculture–activists, historians, entrepreneurs, traditional farmers, futurists, food foresters, urban homesteaders, policy makers, and closet gardeners. We meet people aiming to be more self-sufficient, and others who are developing a business plan, fighting for food justice, working the garden into the public school curriculum, or envisioning how urban farming will redefine cities and shape our future.

Careful not to approach the topic of urban agriculture narrowly, with a defeatist mentality or a delirious optimism, the film aspires to give a more dynamic picture of this movement–its challenges, triumphs, and promises.

Where is urban agriculture providing a meaningful alternative to the industrial food system? And where is it just for show? Where is farming in urban space a constant struggle? And where is it being taken up as a viable solution?

No matter the circumstances, urban agriculture is proliferating, and it is due time to look deeply at the significance of this global movement.

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