A Request......

From: Tala
Sent on: Thursday, May 17, 2012 10:31 PM
I understand, that people sign up for classes, and events, and then
"something comes up", and they can't come, I understand that sometimes
"life happens"- or maybe, it sounds like something you want to do, and
then that day you change your mind, or you just don't feel "up to it" 

Which is fine...it really is...that is what meet up is all about. 
But PLEASE, I ask that you be CONSIDERATE, and just change your RSVP, if

this happens- 
ESPECIALLY with the classes. 

Last night, we had the Shamballa class, and there were (9) people who
signed up, and I think (6) on the waiting list. Six people showed up,
which was fine, we had a great group of people, and a great class. But
there were several people who COULD HAVE COME, and weren't able to,
because people did not take a minute to change their RSVP, that would
have moved the others up on the automatic waiting list. They could have

  Now I will be doing another class next week, which may not have
needed to be done. I don't mind of course, but it is not an efficient
way of working, just because people are not thinking, and being
considerate of others..... 

I have been around the block, and most stores, require a deposit up
front, of either the total cost of the class, which you lose, if you

I don't do that...I dont do that for YOU. I really dont want to have to
start doing that, in the future either....and I really shouldnt have to- 

Everyone's word, should be sufficient...... 

Lets just say, if everyone but 2 people, just didnt happen to show up
last night... I would have lost time, from my full time, day job, to get

there, I would have lost $35 for all of the grounding snacks I bought, I

would have been out $60 I spent on the paperwork, and I would have been
able to eat my supper last night, and I could have spent my time doing
something else. Just something to think about. 

I devote my life to teaching by offering classes, to help those who are
looking for a guide on 
this path, and by running the meet up, and planning events for free, or
cost of event, and even many times, I PAY out of my pocket to do events-

(On top of that I also personally pay over $100 for meet up out of my
own pocket every year) so that I can do a community service, to help
connect like minded people......I am certainly NOT getting rich off of
anything that I do.... 

  I do have a life, have bills to pay, and a full time job in
addition to my "other life" of spiritual service. 

\What I do, I do it freely, and willingly.. with joy....but I just ask
you to realize that there is a PERSON behind this meet up, that spends
alot of time, energy and money to do it- and I just ask that you think
of this, and be considerate of me, and others in the meet up, with both
the classes, and the meet ups, and take a minute to change your RSVP if
you dont plan on coming, so that others can, or I can change the plan if

there is not enough interest. 
I know sometimes you just CAN'T. That is OK. 

But please, don't just make a habit of it, and do it all the time. It
not only takes me, but all of you to make this group run smoothly..... 

Please consider what I have said, and 
I thank you for your future consideration in this matter- 

Much love, Robin 

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