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The Pagan Learning Center is a place where you can join to learn about ongoing pagan classes & workshops. A variety of class series & workshops will be periodically offered at this site. Class series include a Witchcraft Training series which includes (4) Levels to the First Degree towards Priest/ Priestess Training, Pagan Cooking Classes, & Shamballa/ Reiki Healing classes. Upcoming workshops will include Divination classes such as Crystal Ball & Black Mirror Reading, Tea Leaf Reading, Water & Fire Scrying, as well as Tarot Card Reading. Other workshops that will be offered will be Psychic Development, Shapeshifting, Channeling, Aura Viewing, Meditation, Magick classes, Empathy and Therapeutic Touch. Pagan Craft classes will also be offered with things such as how to make your own dreamcatchers, & pagan needlepoint, yule logs, spell crafts, and more! I will also be doing a free weekly "Summer" Celestine Prophecy discussion group next year. There are currently (3) teachers at the pagan learning center, & if the site does well, and if you would like to teach or offer workshops on our site, please contact me at talawolf7@webtv.net Come see what we are all about! :)

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What are These Mysterious Runes?

Wolf Moon


What are These Mysterious Runes?

Find your way in activating & integrating the secrets the runes hold for you!

This four hour workshop is guided by Kary Hays author of “The Mystic Runes A Portal to Secret Wisdom
& Heightened Awareness”
and “The Mystic Runes beautifully illustrated 25 Card Deck & Guidebook”

xxx Write your name in “Rune Script” and find out what it means for your Soul’s awareness xxx

xxx Write an Intention! xxx

xxx Create a Talisman xxx

Learn the mysteries of the Runes with exercises to help you understand their meanings as a tool for enlightenment
and self-exploration.

Kary’s Mystic Rune book is a direct result of her courses in studying with the Runes and is used in her workshops.

If you don’t have Kary’s book, her books are available for borrowing or for purchase in the class. If you don’t have Runes, sets are also available to borrow. You do not need to bring any other books; all materials are provided.

Classes will be held at Wolf Moon: 1656 N. Main St. Jefferson (Holden) Mass

– Noon- 4:00 pm
$45 per person- CASH only

You MUST text or call (508)[masked] to reserve your spot- This class is limited to (7) participants

For questions- Contact Kary at: [masked]

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Wolf Moon


Defense Against the Dark Arts Class with Tammy!
Class #1: Sun Sept 5th from 1:00-3:00 pm
Class #2: Sat Sept 11th from 1:00- 3:00 pm

$40 per person for both classes includes paperwork!

Scissors of silver, cut the ties that bind From now on, you will have no power over mine I banish and repel your negativity, As I will it so mote it be!

We have all heard there is such a thing as white magick and black magick, that there is a difference between the right handed-path and the left-handed path. It is my belief that as witches we walk in neither the white or the dark but in the gray. I propose that in order to appreciate the light, we have to understand and embrace the dark. In this class we will learn how to make talismans, charms, poppets, and how to write spells to protect ourselves when the darkness comes to our doorstep and knocks to be let in.

You MUST RSVP by calling or texting (508)[masked] as spots are limited!


Tammy Van Wort
Was a solitary eclectic witch for many years before she joined the Black Forest Tradition and through the years of study and hard work achieved the rank of Third Degree High Priestess. Tammy or Lady Brighid, runs a teaching coven in Central Massachusetts whose works are focused on Shamanic Healing.

Golden Tea Leaf Reading Class

Wolf Moon


This class is a fun interactive class with instruction on how to read your own tea leaves. There is a Mini Tea Leaf Reading and Guided Meditation. Class includes Tea Cup and Saucer with instruction packet, including sample symbols, to bring home.

$30 per person

You MUST RSVP by calling or texting:
(508)[masked] to hold your spot

All About Empathy- Are YOU an Empath?

Wolf Moon


Learn About:

-The different KINDS of Empathy

All -The traits of an Emotional Empath

-How to Protect Your Energy

-Strategies for Releasing Negative Energy


-Gifts of the Empath

And more! :)

This class is $20 per person-cash or checks are accepted

Paperwork and empathy stone are included!

You MUST RSVP to save your spot by calling or texting:

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Aura Imaging with Kary Hays!

Wolf Moon


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