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Important Message from your Organizer on the Future of NYC C4L

From: Bill
Sent on: Monday, November 10, 2008 1:17 PM
Dear members,

Americans have been fighting tyranny since the day the US Constitution was drafted. Our fight continues today.

With bailouts, growing federal powers, foreign policy mismanaged, free markets under attack and soon a tax level that will certainly garner more than 50% of your earnings....we have a lot of work to do.

I want to take a moment to go over our mission, our goals and what Campaign for Liberty (C4L) here in NYC will offer.

You may also notice we have new assistant organizers. As we begin to work toward garnering official C4L state chapter status we will now focus entirely on the mission statement directed by the national office. To ensure this only those that went to Minneapolis and attended Ron Pauls leadership conference are now organizers.

So what will we do and what we hope to accomplish. C4L has a few definite goals:

Education: Many of you have asked for more events directed toward education. I believe as well this is important. We will now have three events a month focusing on education. 1. Monthly NY Libertarian Meeting as they always have excellent speakers (no need to join). 2. Monthly NY Investing Meeting learn finance and investing techniques with a Austrian background. 3. NEW- Monthly education forum with rotating speakers and topics with our first coming in December. I welcome suggestions for topics and if you would like to participate.

Precinct Leader- VITAL! I encourage and almost insist everyone who is a member to become a C4L Precinct Leader by going to and sign up. All politics is local. Blogging, youtube videos, drinking, rallies are all fun, but we need you on the ground. To affect the necessary change and rebuild the Republic the Precinct Leader program is our greatest weapon. This is not free and it is not fluff. It will take hard work, commitment and dedication. This is so crucial to the Freedom Movement that your progress will be tracked and if you refuse to put in the effort you can and will be removed as a Precinct Leader. We NEED people who value ACTION. We will have a monthly meeting just for Precinct Leaders and training.

Political Action: Of course we are a grassroots organization that will be involved in protests, rallies, community outreach and holding our elected officials feet to the fire.

Party Engagement: A aspect that Ron Paul encouraged heavily. Outside of out right revolution we will need to engage and participate in party politics. I recommend getting involved in more than one party. Here in NY we have the Dems, Republicans, Libertarian, Independence, Conservative, Greens. There are a slew more but are so small and inactive I dont recommend spending time and resources. Join them, pay your dues so you have voting power and approach them in a professional sincere manner. I am personally recommending the NY Libertarian party under Chairman Ron Moore has been very active. Also the New York Young Republican Club and the Metropolitan Republican Club. Finally the Independence Party being the third largest party in NY are influential. Get out there, away from the computer and engage. Remember to join as dues paying members to ensure voting rights.

Candidates: Ron Paul mentioned as possibly the most important function of any organization. Why...running and supporting candidates is the most efficient, quickest, credible and lasting means to achieve our goals. Candidates have access to media, voters and influence that can not be achieved through any other means. Also to truly change the course of this country and rebuild our Republic electing freedom candidates to office is the most powerful message this movement can achieve. Supporting candidates through C4L is a function we need to improve on before the next election cycle. Again, ACTION is always better than inaction. The Freedom Movement is going to take work, Im not going to fool you.

Monthly Social: So its not all work and no play. To encourage better participation NYC C4L will now have a monthly social instead of random non organized events. Purpose is to have a wonderful social event that is the same time each month which allows you to plan in advance. Also with time the event will grow and grow. I will be working with bars and lounges to provide spaces and great specials for our group. Having it monthly will allow for a bigger and better event. Which will only garner us more recognition in the community.

I know many of you have complained about too many emails. I also agree, trust me as organizer I get even more. So with 3 education events, monthly Precinct leader training, monthly social and perhaps a outreach or two I think you can expect 5-6 emails a month. Considering this is a action group I believe this is a fair number. I promise to monitor emails and take appropriate action on abuse.

Now for some housekeeping notes. Please for the benefit of all change your username to your actual pressure, but it is helpful. Please RSVP to each and every event even if its "No" or "Maybe" we need to be more organized. Also if you do not RSVP for any event within 10 months the system automatically will remove you. Its simple...receive a email about a your reply.

I do not want to use the group for blog posts and mass emails. If you would like to send a message simply post on our message board to begin a conversation or topic.

I encourage a bottom up style of management. In reality all the great ideas and topics will come from YOU. Please email me with suggestions. You be our eyes and ears on events throughout the city, again let me know. Those that want to get more involved I highly encourage it. We can always use more help with volunteers, events, education and more. If you have a idea I want to hear about it. Also those that become Precinct Leaders and prove they do the work asked of them and produce results and are active in our group, you too can become a assistant organizer.

We are not going to win on philosophy of couldve, shoulve and maybe's. There is no better moment then NOW. Dont think about it, just do it. NYC C4L needs you, the freedom movement needs you, your country needs you. Join us in this great campaign for freedom and liberty.

Thank you
Bill Buran

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