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We believe in the values of small limited government, free markets, free minds, sound money, civil liberties, personal responsibility, self reliance and the importance of a non-interventionist foreign policy.

We welcome Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, Democrats, Progressives and Techno-Progressives. Liberty brings us together.

Please CHECK BACK WEEKLY for new events and contact me with ideas for events.

Please INVITE YOUR FRIENDS to join us. The more the better.

We are not paid Conscripts...We are Freedom Fighters!

Some day, I hope, history will remember us as "The Freedom Movement."

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Tom Woods and LP Mises Caucus Training in NYC

Blockchain Center

The Mises Caucus is hitting the road! The Take Human Action Tour is our culture building exercise to bring the liberty community together around the country with good times, good people and an incredible lineup of speakers. Get connected, get active, get trained and #Take Human Action with us. [Note: The speaker event on April 1 is a paid event, fee from $28.52 on up. The campaign training on April 2 is a free event. Neither event was created by the Meetup organizer.] Stick Around for the FREE campaign training event on Sunday at 10:00am. Sign up to be a local candidate or campaign manager at RunAsLibertarian.com

Book Your Rooms HERE. There are available both single king-bed rooms and double queen rooms. Come alone or with a partner, or split one with a friend!

A big thank you to our sponsors!: Stephan Kinsella, Dale Woolridge, Taggart Trading, Camino Coin, Liberty Speaks

HUGE Thank you to the Blockchain Center for supporting us and this tour with this event! Details for this event also displayed at: https://tinyurl.com/Mises-NYC

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LPNY Ballot Strategy for 2024 with Andrew Martin Kolstee

This event has passed