President Obama, Time is NOW to get Involved

From: Bill
Sent on: Sunday, January 18, 2009 4:10 PM
Dear Members,

In a few days we will have a new President, Mr. Obama. What does this mean for the freedom movement?

Certainly with out a crystal ball I can not say for sure, but there are a few concerns. Economist Hayek taught us that in a free society we need political AND economic freedom. Benjamin Franklin warned a new nation that one should NEVER sacrifice liberty for safety because in the end you will loose both.

We can expect more government intervention in the free markets with a loud socialistic overtone. Certainly more taxes, especially for that failed program called Social Security. He is a globalist and will expand foreign aid either directly or through the IMF, World Bank and the UN. So we can expect to loose more of our American national sovereignty.

Civil liberties at home will come under attack as well. He has no intention of rolling back the Patriot Act and other executive orders under Bush. Not to mention his well intentioned but fascist mandatory National Service Programs.

In typical Democrat fashion he will be a strong interventionist, even though he talked about scaling back troops in the Middle East and around the world....I predict this will be his first promise to be broken.

Economic freedoms will be challenged as he increases the size and scope of government. Pile on huge deficits, ballooning debts and serious inflation.

So what can we do??? Get involved more than ever in Campaign for Liberty and other civic/political organizations that we have common ground in. It will take a coalition of forces, similar to Senator Robert Tafts Conservative Coalition during the FDR years. Lets us be the new coalition for FREEDOM!

Below are organizations, groups and clubs I recommend joining and become members. Together under a BIG TENT can we work to ensure the principles of limited government, free markets, liberty, sound money and responsible foreign policy.

Campaign for Liberty
Join as a precinct leader, the most important step you can take this year.

New York Young Republican Club
A professional group of NYC Republicans who are ready to take back their party and return to the days of Reagan. Become a member and participate. Remember Taft and Goldwater were Reagans heroes.

Manhattan Libertarian Party
Official chapter of the National Libertarian Party. A very active chapter and always fighting to maximize individual liberty. Join and become a member today.

New York State Republican Liberty Caucus
The traditional conservative/libertarian wing of the GOP. Truly the Taft-Goldwater crowd.
?I believe that the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism. The basis of conservatism is a demand for less government interference and more individual freedom.? - Ronald Reagan, interviewed in Reason magazine, 1975

Please join each of these groups and become dues paying members. Now is the time, we need your help and together we can be a voice of reason.

Many of the above groups have chapters in other boroughs, please email me if you need Brooklyn, Staten Is, Queens or Bronx.

In February I will be adding to the calendar meetings with all the above groups. See you there.

In Liberty

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