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The Power of the Summit

From: Janardhan
Sent on: Wednesday, December 9, 2009 9:46 AM


The Power of the Summit

Will you be listening for the good news from Denmark? Will you be waiting to hear what changes lies in store for your lifestyle? Will you hope that ���they��� can resolve their differences and heal the world? Yet another meeting of ���our representatives��� will bring together those who believe that they have the ���power to influence��� all our futures. The Copenhagen summit on climate change is once again focusing minds in search of joint solutions to the environmental issues that transcend all borders. Decisions will be made that may affect generations to come. Past summits seem to have done little to translate whatever consensus was achieved into decisive action. Already the leaders who��are convening��are telling us that new decisions cannot be taken as there is not enough time to organize the right ideas, draft the treaties and build consensus. While many despair at a repeating pattern of disagreement and division, prevarication and delay, others have given up hope that anything significant can be done at such gatherings of the so called movers and shakers.��

But there is another much smaller group who neither hopes nor despairs for such international gatherings. They are those who understand that the issues being tackled at such ���environmental summits��� are not being addressed at the level of ���true cause���, only at the level of their symptoms. Like a person who is sick, if the cause of the disease is not found then any cure will be impossible. And just as an increasing number of people now understand the root cause of physical disease lies not at the physical level, not even at the mental level, but at the spiritual level, so too, for them, the true cause of our environmental challenges lie at the spiritual level of human consciousness. And unless that is fully acknowledged and addressed then all such gatherings, conferences and summits are little more than talking shops for people under the illusion that, as the old saying goes, ���shifting the deck chairs on the titanic will make a difference to the fate of the ship���.

The true spiritual causes of our environmental issues such as resource depletion, climate chaos, bio system breakdown and atmospheric pollution are missed because there is little or no spiritual dialogue of any depth or significance at such events.

This happens for a number of reasons including
A ��� People mistakenly associate spirituality with religion and think that such an exchange will evoke various religious belief systems which will then ���infect��� the dialogue and therefore trigger further division and conflict
B ��� Most people in the ���mainstream��� still cannot see the connection between the spiritual and the material and therefore cannot recognize the relevance of the spiritual dimension in the context of the environmental situation.
C ��� The people who gather at such events are unlikely to have much interest in human consciousness which is invisible, intangible and immeasurable and are mainly focused on the material, the visible and the measurable, otherwise they would probably not be there.
D ��� Because spiritual understanding is not part of our formal education there is not only no real understanding of the inner territory of human consciousness but there is also no shared vocabulary that can be used in our informal conversations and then in formal dialogue
E ��� Because we are not encouraged to see the connection between the inner and the outer we fail to see how the state of the world around us is simply reflecting our collective state of being, our collective state of consciousness.

Here are some of those connections which are obvious to anyone who has given time and attention to self understanding, spiritual exploration, and values development or simply wondered deeply about the meaning of life.

Resource Depletion the Natural World and in the Universe of Consciousness.
We are the most expectant and agitated generation in human history. Science and technology have given us almost anything that we want, allowed us to go almost anywhere that we want, see almost anything that we want, almost instantly. We have come to expect to be almost continuously stimulated. Stimulation means the agitation of consciousness. We are addicted to our agitations. And as the number of addicts grows the more energy we need to satisfy the addictions to our agitations. Little do we see that just as the drug addict needs an increasing amount of drug to stay high we need an increasing amount of stimulation to stay agitated. Not only do we exhaust our self in our agitations, but we exhaust the resources of nature to maintain our own exhaustion! Probably the only solution is we the addicts undertake a detox of our consciousness and free our mental and emotional systems from our cravings, our addictions, our desire for increasing amounts of stimulation, thereby freeing ourselves from our agitations. In simpler terms it means living more simply, calmly and serenely. Unlikely to be the first item on the Copenhagen agenda.

Pollution of the Atmosphere and Pollution of Consciousness
Exploiting our natural planetary resources in such a rapid way in order to feed our cravings obviously has the external side effect of creating excess pollution in the atmosphere. Few notice however that the atmosphere within consciousness has also become increasingly polluted by negative energies such as anger and fear. Fear of not getting our cravings satisfied. Anger when others threaten our supply. A polluted atmosphere within consciousness is less able to create and communicate in a calm and co-operative way. Hence the steadily rising levels of interpersonal and international conflict. While ���air quality��� may be much talked about in such an eco focused gathering it is highly unlikely that ���thought and feeling quality��� within the atmosphere of consciousness will receive any attention. And yet it is there that the treaties will be created and decisions will be made. Who will be the first to reveal the connection between emotional pollution as the true cause of atmospheric pollution?

Global Warming is the Result of Heated Consciousness
So the world heats up physically in parallel to the heating of consciousness. Emotion is the equivalent of heat in consciousness. Anger is the hottest emotion clouding clarity of thought, skewing decisions and generating conflict. Yet the predominant belief in almost all cultures is that anger is OK, anger is justified, and anger is created by ���the other���. Anger comes from the perception of us and them, from the belief that our resources are not your resources, from the failed attempt to control the behaviour of those ���others���. So as we sustain, within our consciousness, our perceptions and beliefs about how we are divided, those perceptions then find expression in the world as our emotional heat spills into the way we relate to each other and the way we exploit the planet to stay ahead of ���the other���. It becomes clear that a hot planet is directly linked to heat in consciousness. How to stay calm and cool, how to free oneself of fear and anger, how to begin to move together as one, and care for our world as one, will be impossible until we can perceive ���us all��� as one. Not an easy topic to discuss amongst delegates to such ���conferences���, many of whom attend such gatherings simply to protect ���national self interest���.


Eco and Bio System Breakdown comes from Values Breakdown
As natures systems are eroded by our actions in the world it���s not easy to make the connection to the ���true cause���, which is the erosion of our values and the growth of wrong beliefs, entirely within human consciousness. The core ���values��� of every human being namely love (care), peace (calm) and joy (happiness and contentment) have been replaced by the ���beliefs��� that careless exploitation is OK, it���s boring to be calm and peaceful and that excitement equals happiness. Just three of many inner shifts in human consciousness that explain the carving up of nature and the exponential rise in the use of the energies of the earth. It���s no wonder the sun can no longer keep up with us, and clean up after us, as it tries to repair and replenish the energies of world at the rate we are releasing them.

These are just a few of the inner/outer connections/causes of our climate/environmental challenges. They are unlikely to find their way on to the Copenhagen agenda but then no one else can ever have jurisdiction over the territory of human consciousness. That���s the place and the inner space where only the self can rule the self, which ultimately brings responsibility back to the self. No point in blaming governments or the energy companies, no point in blaming polluters and exploiters. That only sustains ���heat��� in our consciousness and anger in our relationships. When the connections between consciousness and planet, inner and outer, spirit and matter, are fully seen it only leaves one question. Who will start to clean up and cool down their consciousness?

Somehow that popular and priceless piece of Gandhian wisdom always seems to find its way into our conversations at this point as it reminds us, ���To be the change we want to see���. But who will be the change? How do we change? What has to change exactly? How do we repair the ���environment of consciousness���? And why should I bother if no one else seems to bother?

All questions worthy of contemplation if not a parallel summit!

����Mike George 2009

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