UNC Animal Awareness Week is this week

From: Loren H.
Sent on: Monday, March 24, 2008 3:11 PM

Hi all,

This week at UNC is Animal Awareness Week. There will be important, exciting events each day. You will find the recently updated details below, and the flier is attached.
UNC Animal Awareness Week is sponsored by UNC Helping Paws, the UNC Animal Rights Collective, and the UNC Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club.

Loren Hart


Here is a snapshot of the week, followed by more detailed descriptions:

Monday evening: Presentation about animal experimentation

Tuesday evening: Movie -- Peaceable Kingdom

Wednesday, late afternoon: Presentation about animal law

Thursday evening: Speakers forum about factory farming, and its costs to humans, animals, and the environment

Everyday: Tabling in the Pit


Animal Experimentation: Is it Ethical?

Monday, March 24, 7-9pm 

Howell 104

Beth Levine and Missy Cooper, co-coordinators of SERAT (Stop the Exploitation of Research & Animals in the Triangle), will discuss the ethical issues related to animal experimentation. They will cover topics such as how lab animals are treated, the Animal Welfare Act guidelines, and institutional oversight. This is a great chance to learn what really goes on in research labs, as well as an opportunity to challenge your own views on the matter.


Movie: Peaceable Kingdom

Tuesday, March 25, 7-9pm

Howell 104

This incredible documentary takes a look at the true lives of farm animals by telling the story of Farm Sanctuary, a safe haven for rescued farm animals. Since most of us never get a glimpse inside factory farms or slaughterhouses, we remain shielded from the immense suffering of the billions of animals killed each year for food. The film shows the sharp contrast between the lives of the rescued animals at Farm Sanctuary and those that face needless and unethical abuse in the intensive confinement of the animal agriculture industry. This is an enlightening film that we all need to see because, by allowing ourselves to remain unaware of what is truly happening to these animals, we are putting aside our responsibility to help those in need and allowing this cruelty to continue.


The Rise and Rise of Animal Law

Wednesday, March, 26, 4:30-6pm

Murphey 116

Professor Bill Reppy (Duke School of Law) and Professor Aimee Wall (UNC School of Government) will be speaking on the past, present, and future of the emerging field of animal law. Professors Reppy and Wall will explain the field and tell of their experiences in it. Topics which may be addressed include the law as it relates to animal experimentation and farmed animals, the current debate over the euthanasia of cats and dogs in shelters, and the movement to change the legal classification of animals from property to persons.

Factory Farming 101: The Human, Animal, and Environmental Costs

Thursday, March 27, 7-9pm

School of Government Auditorium

There may be free on-site parking after 5 pm

Several experts will discuss the problems caused by intensive confinement animal agriculture operations, as well as the steps we can take to solve them. One speaker will be Erin Williams of the Humane Society of the United States, who has written a book about animal exploitation called Why Animals Matter. This event will be of interest to anyone concerned with environmental sustainability, human rights, and animal welfare. Topics to be addressed may include the hog farming practices of the Smithfield Corporation in Eastern N.C. and the role UNC Dining Services plays in supporting factory farming.

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