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Sent on: Tuesday, November 20, 2007 11:30 AM
Hello everyone,
Please take just a couple of minutes to fill out the following survey for me. I am currently researching the conflicts and misconceptions that surround the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. By discovering where you face the most conflict with your vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, organizations that promote the lifestyle can better formulate a way to combat these misconceptions.
The following survey is part of a cultural analysis that I am performing as part of my Master's program at Wayne State University. I do not ask for your name, only for your age and gender. If you have any questions, or have a personal testimony that you feel can help with the goals of this research, please feel free to e-mail me.

Julie A. Swidwinski
[address removed]




How long have you been a vegan/vegetarian?


a)       Less than one year

b)       1-3 years

c)       3-7 years

d)      7-10 years

e)       More than 10 years


What is your primary reason for practicing this lifestyle?


a)       More animal friendly lifestyle

b)       More environmentally friendly lifestyle

c)       Healthier lifestyle

d)      Sense of belonging to a social group

e)       Other (please specify) _______________________________________________



Do you often associate with other vegans/vegetarians (Circle all that apply)?

a)       Yes, my spouse is one

b)       Yes, family members practice the lifestyle

c)       Yes, most of my friends practice the lifestyle

d)      Yes, some of my friends practice the lifestyle, but not many

e)       No, I rarely associate with others who practice the lifestyle


Which of the following sub-groups would best describe your vegan/vegetarian lifestyle?


a)       Vegan (No meat or dairy products)

b)       Vegetarian (No meat)

c)       Fruitarian (No meat or vegetable)

d)      Pescetarian (No meat besides fish)

e)       Pollo-vegetarian (No meat besides chicken)


Do you ever experience judgment or conflict from other vegans/vegetarians because of your chosen sub-group?


a)       Yes, all the time

b)       Yes, every once in a while

c)       Yes, but only a few times

d)      No


When you did experience conflict from other vegans/vegetarians, what was the conflict mostly based on?


a)       People felt that I should not eat some of the things that I do

b)       People felt that I am not active enough when it comes to promoting the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle

c)       People felt I should not interact with other non-vegan/vegetarians

d)      People did not accept my reasons for practicing this lifestyle

e)       Never experienced conflict


Do you ever experience judgment or conflict from non-vegans/vegetarians?


a)       Yes, all the time

b)       Yes, every once in a while

c)       Yes, but only a few times

d)      No


When you did experience conflict from non-vegans/vegetarians, what was the conflict mostly based on?


a)       People did not understand it, nor did they try to

b)       People tried to understand my lifestyle but disagreed with it

c)       People understood my lifestyle, but never supported it

d)      People were so unsupportive that they often tried to talk me out of my lifestyle


What do you think is a greater source of your conflict when it comes to this lifestyle?


a)       Other vegans/vegetarians

b)       Non-vegans/vegetarians


Which of the following misconceptions do you often find yourself battling when conversing with non-vegan/vegetarians?


a)       The vegan/vegetarian lifestyle is just a dieting fad

b)       Vegans/vegetarians are not as healthy as they think because their diet lacks protein, calcium, etc.

c)       Men who are vegans/vegetarians are not as masculine as men who do eat meat.

d)      All vegans/vegetarians are animal rights activists.

f)        Other (please specify) _______________________________________________



Which of the following organizations are you currently active with?


a)       People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

b)       American Vegan Society

c)       Earth Save

d)      Vegan Action

e)       VegMichigan

f)        Michigan Animal Right Society

g)       Other: ____________________________________________________________



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