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Coding new applications with vision and security

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Klaas van G.



17:00 Uncle Bob video - (probably: 6.1, TDD part 1. We'll skip the ‘physics’ part of the video)
18:15 Raffle of a “Clean Coders” book
18:30 Programming challenges in Thermo Fisher Scientific electron microscopes
18:45 Pizza
19:15 TALK 1: Egbert Jaspers and Kris van Rens, ViNotion, Real-time visual intelligence and the motivation for its domain-specific software platform (
20:00 break
20:15 TALK 2: Frederik Van Slycken, Intelligent Systems/Altran Belgium: Computer security - Are you paranoid enough? (
21:00 end

Note: all talks and videos will be in English.

Please register through our Meetup to attend.

We are very happy with Thermo Fisher Scientific hosting our first Meetup.

If you do not like Uncle Bob, it is possible to come in at 18:30 for food and the talks.

Abstract TALK 1 (full abstract and bios) (

In the last 10 years, the intelligence of machine vision has significantly increased from relative simple application-specific vision tasks with heuristic algorithms, towards sophisticated visual machine learning. The one constant constraint over the years is the limited amount of processing power. We present state-of-the-art video content analytics for real-time smart surveillance and demonstrate different use cases implementations.

Besides algorithmic advances and new opportunities for automation in different applications, the way-of-working within the company to increase the quality of software development has also changed. We present our component-based software platform architecture and motivate the design choices that we made by learning the hard way. Important requirements are hardware costs, processing performance, portability to different hardware platforms and all the non-functional requirements that are common for sustainable product development.

Of course we don't have the arrogance to claim the silver bullet solution though, and are looking forward to your suggestions and have an interactive discussion.

Abstract TALK 2 (full abstract and bio) (

Computer security - The issue isn't whether you're being paranoid; it's whether you're being paranoid enough.

Together we'll explore how deep your paranoia should go.

For a while now I've been following events in computer security land. Reading blogs, watching videos, attending a conference, etc. The more I learn, the more paranoid I'm becoming. And I'm convinced that paranoia is the only way of approaching anything related to security.

I'll share some of the insights I've had, and make you paranoid about the technology you're working with every day.

Note that I will NOT be talking about how to write secure code. This talk will go beyond that. The question will be : assume the code you've written is perfectly secure, where does that leave you?

De Schakel 2, 5651 GH · Eindhoven
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