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The Eindhoven area brims with professional programmers. Coders that make medical systems, microscopes, traffic systems, or wafer steppers come to life.

This "040" region offers plenty of IT-related events, like the tech conferences that focus on the IT managers, and the strong community of web developers.

But what about the programmers that are closer to the hardware and physics? Are you coding in languages like C and C#? Working with dedicated operating systems? Do you wake up at night worrying about memory or performance constraints?

Where do these professionals go to learn about model-driven, multicore programming, software security, automotive functional safety, or how to make the link to the cloud?

040coders.nl intends to fill this void. Programmers only. No recruiters or other tie-wearing people. Discuss with your peers how to deal with millions of lines of code crafted over many years, and stay ahead with the latest developments.

Our events follow a simple agenda:

• first an 'Uncle Bob' video on clean coding

• food and drinks courtesy of the host of the evening

• then two interesting, (embedded) software development-related talks: by coders for coders;

Language is English. Participation is free, but you have to sign up through Meetup.

Upcoming events (4)

Uncle Bob video and two talks on UI

Tomtom Automotive Eindhoven

We'll show Uncle Bob video #13: "The Dependency Inversion Principle" https://cleancoders.com/episode/clean-code-episode-13/show And two talks on UI programming. * talk 1: Erwin de Groot (Thermo Fisher Scientific): Xamarin: one platform to rule them all ? http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2019-03-Erwin-de-Groot.shtml * talk 2: TBA Hopefully we'll also have cool demos of TomTom's latest innovations! More details will appear in January/February.

Uncle Bob video and two talks on Models

Needs a location

Uncle Bob video and two talks. Host: High Tech Software Cluster, exact location to be confirmed.

Uncle Bob video and embedded Android talks

Bosch Security Systems BV

More information will be disclosed in March.

Uncle Bob video and 2 talks


Uncle Bob video and two talks. Host: WAES.

Past events (16)

Uncle Bob video and two talks on Devices and Linux

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