Test Driven Software Development

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17:00 Uncle Bob Clean Coders (https://cleancoders.com/videos) video - TDD, part 2.
18:15 Raffle of a “Clean Coders” book
18:20 Short intro about the location
18:30 Pizza
19:15 TALK 1: Albert Mietus (Sogeti), "Engineering flawless Sovereign Software Systems (http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2017-06-Albert-Mietus.shtml)"
20:15 TALK 2: Peter Bindels (TomTom), "HippoMocks: Making a mockery of C++ (http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2017-06-Peter-Bindels.shtml)"
21:15 end

Note: all talks and videos will be in English.

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Titles of the talks above are clickable and will bring you to a page with the abstract and biography.

We thank the Holst Centre for hosting this Meetup.

Security restrictions apply: Make sure to bring ID and show to the front desk.