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Welcome to "The Why Not Social Club!!" Is it a state of mind, or just a complete lack of conviction about what to do, so, why not?


This group originally started with 4 friends looking for other like minded fun people to hang out and do stuff with. What kinda stuff have we done? Look though our past events and you'll see lots of sand volleyball (with the infamous after party BBQ), kickball, happy hour, movies, house parties, the 2 week trip through Europe with our final stop in Thailand, learning do it yourself home surgery, and classes in how to change your identity and avoid FBI surveillance (has anyone seen Karena?). One of the favorite big events is the bonfire, hayride for Halloween. Holy crap Batman, October is never too far away......time to plan another one!

In December of 2014 our group went on a diet! We started December with over 1,000 members. It became clear that we had a lot of "Walking Dead" members. These were zombies who had joined one or five years ago and never came out for an event! It was getting too hard to manage the group and stay in touch with everyone at that level of membership, so, we pruned away and will do so on an ongoing basis. We would rather have the group sized at 300 of which 50 to 75 are frequent regulars to our outings. Our goal is to become a smaller, close knit group.....and with membership comes a responsibility to "be involved." If you already belong to 15 or 50 other groups, we are probably not for you. After all, when would we ever get to see you?

Most of our members are from their mid 20's to 50, although we don't check IDs at our events. Our events are usually around mid county to west county, but we're flexible. We have a special membership program now through ??? That's right, join now, and you won't have to pay the standard $20,000 initiation fee, nor give us your first born. Is that a deal or what!

Sometimes it can take a while for the Why Not Executive Committee to post new events. The top 10 reasons are:

1) We were undergoing an IRS audit for having claimed 501C3 status and had a lien of $1,283,033 levied against us.

2) We were operating a lemonade stand to earn the $$$ to pay off the lien above.

3 ) Doing time for the uh....."incident" last year when our attempted hair transplant home surgery went horribly astray (sorry about that Gregg....hopefully you're eating solid food now!)

4) Still trying to dispose of the dead body from Diane's scavenger hunt last year.

5) After that last house party, who'd a thought police interrogations could last that long?

6) Been heading up the IRS congressional committee defense team.

7) Till yesterday we were on hold with tech support.

8) We decided to move in to the Village Bar in Des Peres, hey, we love their burgers!

9) Still busy reading the Affordable Care Act legislation.

And the number one reason? Summer came, then.......Marco!...............

If you'd like to join us (you probably need therapy) be sure your profile has a picture of your smiling face. Not your dog, nor your favorite cartoon character. If you do not have a pic of you in your profile, your request to join will be declined. If we are going to look out for you to join us at a meetup, we gotta know what you look like. Likewise, put your first name in your profile so we know how to refer to you. If your new to the group and coming to an event, please feel free to email me and I'll send you a cell number (OK, it will be mine and not my ex wife's) and you can text us when you arrive so we know to find ya! If you already know someone in our group and they referred you, please include that somewhere in your reply. We are big on nepotism, just like local governments!

A final thought. As you consider whether to join this varied group of nut jobs, remember this: In a national survey, when asked if joining The Why Not Social club could lead to improved health benefits, 9 out of 10 doctors replied they'd rather drink a Corona then have root canal. So.....we've got that going for us!

Any questions, email me. Why not?


If after coming to a few events, you like the group and would like to become more active in it, please talk to me about being an assistant organizer. While the pay is nada, the health benefits are zip!

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Happy Hour at Schnucks Des Peres!!

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