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Why digital innovation needs your voice: How diversity builds kick-ass products

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In the digital environment, innovation is all around us. The industry is built on the desire to push boundaries. The heroes of the digital world are those whose innovation has literally changed our world whether it’s platforms, products or services.

Ask people to name a technology innovator and you may get Jobs or Gates, Brunel or Edison. They could have centuries between them but one thing they will probably all have in common is that they will be men. However, innovation is changing. It is now less about tools and infrastructure and more about personalised services. Does this change the skills and traits that are needed to be a successful innovator? Is it less about what has traditionally been seen and valued, as male traits such as competitiveness, risk taking, self-confidence and drive? And more about ‘softer’ characteristics such as compassion, empathy, openness and collaboration – that are often considered more of the female domain? Or is the best recipe for success one that combines the two?

In this event,​ our senior panel of leaders including Mike Altendorf, NED, Investor and Advisor to a range of tech and digital businesses and Adel Du Toit, IT Lead for User Experience at Boston Consulting Group will mix up these ingredients to discover the secret sauce of innovation in today's world, for men and women alike. This session is for anyone interested in innovation and the female experience of what is the lifeblood of the digital industry.

Our Innovation Award winner Hannah Bowden will be leading the evening. Hannah has successfully merged her past experience in psychology, AI and community regeneration to lead innovation at BetterPoints, which designs and implements digital behaviour change interventions for health in the UK and Europe.

Questions that will be discussed include:

• Is innovation changing and are the skillsets we associate with innovation also shifting?
• Are there particular skills that women bring to the table when it comes to the design and development of new products and services? If so what are they?
• Is digital and technology different from other areas in the lack of high profile female innovators or does this just reflect the general trend in this space?
• Are mixed teams the most effective? If so why?
• How we can we encourage more women into product and service design?