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What we’re about

Naturally Intense High Intensity Personal Training™

Winner 2012 Best of Manhattan Awards For Personal Training!

Lose Weight!
Increase Strength!
Build Quality Lean Muscle!
Increase Endurance!

Get Better Results In Less Time!

Celebrity personal trainer, Kevin Richardson’s award winning Naturally Intense High Intensity Training™ provides a unique and efficient solution to the achievement of your health and fitness goals.

You’ll need only THREE HIGH INTENSITY WORKOUTS A WEEK to to make major changes in your body and you'll see results in as little as two weeks- guaranteed!

Kevin Richardson is an award winning health and fitness writer, a champion drug free bodybuilder & the most sought after personal trainer in New York City, with thousands successfully trained with his method over the past 21 years. His team of certified Naturally Intense Trainers are among the best in the business and we look forward to having you meet them!

Join our Meetup Group for a chance to try out our High Intensity Training 10 Minute Workouts for yourself!