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What we’re about

Debating is decision making. Or rather, debate is the rational process with which to make a decision. Whether in a business, organisation or in your personal life, weighing up the pros and cons, then laying out why certain values need to be prioritised, are the elements that make up a reasoned decision-making process, and that is indeed what debate is all about.

Being part of a debate club or debate society like 104 London Debaters enables you to learn the skills to thrive in a debate or discussion, whether it is for a project or idea at work or making important life decisions. Debating also teaches you to identify fallacies, both in others' thinking as well as your own, and to root it out.

104 London Debaters is part of Toastmasters International, an international network of public speaking clubs, so at our debate club, not only will you increase your debating skills, you will also learn how to improve as a public speaker.
You will improve your ability to get your message across clearly and confidently in all situations like a job interview, a presentation or a board meeting, and you will meet lots of interesting and friendly people and have fun debating both serious and frivolous topics.

You don't need to be a Toastmaster already to join 104 London Debaters of course, but many who have done the basic courses that Toastmasters offer, come to us for a new or additional challenge.

The first part of the debate meeting usually consist of improvised mini-debates, or Table Topic debates, as we call them, where you get a couple of minutes to defend or oppose a given motion. Table Topics are followed by a prepared debate, where two teams debate on the main motion of the evening, one team being the Proposition and the other the Opposition. The audience get to vote before and after the debate.

Interested? Join this group to stay informed about our meetings. Attending as a guest is totally free, but by joining you get full access to participate in debates, as well as access to mentoring, coaching, feedback, support, free workshops and social events with the club, it it's only £5 per meeting! Apply HERE for membership.

Take a look at the website for more information and for the club blog and podcast.