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What we’re about

To be able to share the knowledge I have over the last 20 years to help someone that is starting in real estate, wants to start, become an investor or someone that has been in the game for a while and wants to learn and expand their knowledge. We will be talking about investing, buying rentals, producing at a high-level as a real estate agent. starting as a realtor and what is happening in the market and what we see that is happening, in turn helping you understand by increasing wealth creation by owning multiple real estate investments and helping you through the process.

Anyone who wants to expand their mind in the real estate business should join, real estate agents, Investor's, title officers, escrow officers, pretty much anyone that is in the real estate industry that wants to learn more about investing in real estate in general.

We will be discussing deals that happened to us consistently, we will be discussing how to increase marketing to attract more sellers buyers and motivated sellers to potentially create the opportunity for you to buy the investment. In addition to other professionals, that will come and explain their processes on how to build a house, how to obtain a loan, how to get qualified, how to even buy an investment property with hard money, so you can't start that journey in real estate investing, and so much more

It will be a wealth of knowledge for two hours, and the relationships that you will build in the community will be great because you will get a lot more information from the conversations and relationships that you can create at this mastermind.