Apple Butter Festival in Oak Glen


Let's indulge in Fall specialties and Fall color this November, which this event promises to deliver in abundance. Let's coordinate carpool down below. Admission appears to be free (will update closer to event), but bring money for anything specific you wish to partake in.

From the website:

"This tradition of community Apple Butter Making dates back to the 16th century when European Farmers would gather their year’s end Harvest to boil down for winter preserves. The tradition represents a time of community celebration for the abundant Harvest that God had blessed them with and a moment of joyful anticipation for the changing seasons.

Join as we farmers celebrate this same close of a season and experience a host of festive activity."

Schedule here!

"Festival Features:

Apple butter Making

Live Music

Kids Crafts Apple Butter Making

Wagon Rides

Cider Pressing

Kids Crafts

Historical Encampments

Store Sales

and many more offerings throughout our entire Oak Glen Community…."