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We are a group for those who are new to town or who have lived their whole lives in Southern California. In this state we call home, everyday can be an opportunity to find a new adventure, to complete a bucket list item, or make a new friend. Southern California offers an endless array of events and attractions however convincing yourself to get out there takes a little motivation sometimes. So let's max out and try a wide variety of events to check out all of what Southern California has to offer; whether it's a day at the beach or hiking up some famous mountain peaks, trying a new restaurant or hobby, testing your trivia knowledge at a pub, braving the new rides at an amusement park. We will endeavor to do it all!

**Disclaimer** 20s & 30s Exploring Southern California and it's organizers do not assume responsibility for any accident, illness, or injury that may occur during or resulting from our meet-up events. You agree you assume all risks and liability that are involved in our activities. Please always come prepared and know your personal limits while focusing on personal safety and health, including taking any precautions as recommended by the state of California Health Department. If anyone is making you feel uncomfortable please let an organizer know as any harassment, bullying, and general unwanted advancements are not allowed and may result in removal from the group. This group is not designed for dating and our main priority here is to create a community of friends with diverse and have a good atmosphere so please have respect for that purpose above any other concerns.

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