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What we’re about

China is a beautiful country with lots of mountains, green jungle, cliff, waterfalls.
This group is to share the place, scenery that non-commercial travel agency will show you. It’s leading by couple of friends.
Some with more than 10 years trekking experience in China. They Run+Ride(R2+) and would like to share with you more than you could think.
Some travelled a lot in many countries and very passionate about sharing you amazing trekking experience in China as host.
With us it will much easier to explore the Beaty of China if YOU are nature lovers, fascinate Chinese traditional cultures and would like to meet local people. Don’t hesitate to leave your message or questions.
We will provide you definite breath taken sightseeing for different energy levels. Probably it will suprise you and no other organization is doing it like us. How we do that. Those trails or places are taken and chosen by couple of natural lovers with more than 10 years experiences.

Different energy level activities and its frequency:

Trekking and sightseeing
* Twice per month
* For nature lovers, no special preparation needed
* Duration: Round 5 hours walk, about 12KM

Hiking to mountain peak
* Twice per month
* Can complete half marathon or similar activity
* Roughly around 20KM, 8hours

Hiking at altitude(around 4,500meters/14,800feet)
* Almost every long holiday
* Can complete half marathon or similar activity

Riding around Taiwan
* Gorden week and Chinese new year
* Around 10~12days, 1195KM in total

Refer specific activity, for detail information