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What we’re about

Meet People Interested in Fine Wines, Bourbons, and Craft Beers, along with Delicious Cuisines. Come to an event and discover new restaurants, enjoy gourmet meals, unique happy hour bites, try new wines, bourbons, and brews, and make satisfying conversation with friendly dinner companions!  Boredom is not part of this package, so sailing, roadtripping, picnicing, theaters and more are involved! We have one or more events each month, and I make it a priority that we end up at fun and unique venues! Suggestions for events are welcome!

I do ask that when requesting membership, to please post a face photo as your primary photo for the group.

REMEMBER, although we have a majority of singles in our group, we also have couples - OUR EVENTS ARE NOT exclusively SINGLES EVENTS, THEY ARE MINGLES EVENTS!