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Vancouver can be a tough place to connect in.

Join us if you want to have some fun and meet some great people 30 years old or above :)


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Dating Basics

One Thousand Rivers

Flirting can feel tough. You don't want to come on too strong, you also don't want to just blend in with the rest of the world and be boring and have no one remember you!

This event is for both men and women who want to level up in their dating lives.

How do you flirt without creeping people out?
How do you flirt while remaining boundaried and making sure they respect you?!
This session is going to be a mix of open Q&A plus exercises and drills for you to practice as you embark on single life in Vancouver.

You deserve to feel more connected to the people around you.
You are a good person, you are caring, you are just doing your best.

It's almost fall... did you make the most out of the summer?!

If you are ready to connect with people again come help us make Vancouver a bit more social after such a weird few years.

A lot of us have begun to get out there again in small ways already, and we are feeling awkward or unconfident… Totally normal and what are the new rules for flirting that we need to think about?

At our last workshop a few people shared what the lockdowns had been like for them: feeling lonely, missing people, not knowing how to create connections

I’m Devon O’Brien Ash from www.socialfluency.com and for over 15 years my team and I have been teaching interpersonal skills at places like Apple and Google but also to individuals who just want to level up their social game for more friends, better careers, and one of the big areas we want to help you is to have more fulfilling dating lives.

This is a big chance for all of us: the world has been very different for the past 2 plus years, in that time your in-person social skills may have atrophied like an unused muscle. So no matter how confident or awkward you felt in social situations before the lock down started, this is a chance to reset your social skills and social standing.

Think of this as an outdoor exercise class for you social skills and flirting. It's a chance to start building your social circle back up.

You will leave feeling confident and ready to get out there and play.
And who knows… you might also meet someone great at the event!

Make sure your social, professional and dating life is dialled in for this new world.

Space is limited. RSVP now to save a spot and please don’t take a spot if you can’t make it out.

If you have seen these events before and considered coming but changed you mind or bailed last minute THIS IS YOUR SIGN to take action and come Re-Learn how to connect with anyone in Vancouver!

Play Lazer tag!
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hi Folks..
I'm going to start to be a bit more active with 30UP, and want this to be a summer to remember. I want to see how many people are up Lazer tag, and then i will look into organizing things

White water rafting
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

If you're int'd, rsvp and i will schedule something. Let's make this summer something to remember.

Bungee Jumping
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

If you're int'd, rsvp and i will schedule something. Let's make the summer of 2016 something to remember.

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