Bring any game of your choosing! We play all types of board games, and your's may be our next "favorite"!

Normally, we hang around playing games and chatting until 6pm (or later) depending on the crowd!

*All food and drink orders are to be made at the bar and the food will be brought to our area. There may be lot of people around so be attentive when wait staff brings out orders. You will be required to pay upfront or start a tab by having your credit card withheld till you close out your bill.

We will be in the Green Room which is through the door on your left once enter the restaurant

p.s. - If when you arrive, you see a door with a security pad, you're at the *wrong door*. Jak's entrance is a revolving door facing Jackson, not right on the corner of the apartment building. Look for the black awning.