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Welcome to 45+ FRIENDS! Whether single or just ready to mingle, this group is for everyone 45+. Anyone who is 45+ is welcome! We are finally back in 2022 and have changed our name from 35+ (our name in 2012 to 45+ in 2022. Just like our group celebrates a decade, our members ages are now 45+ -Will you join us in 2022? 
We will soon be sharing our welcome to 2022 Meetup event soon!


We had so much fun imitating art or as it were imitating art that imitated life ...


We welcome all people from all walks of life - come on your own or with a friend - we'll introduce you & help you fit in! * Friendship is one of the the best therapies - The more it spreads, the greater the fun - so come along, share laughs, make friends & dance with destiny - serendipitously ... Did you really get here by chance? Now that's a discussion topic in itself! I believe we meet people for a reason, for a season for for a lifetime - however we meet - let's make the most of the present moment - of each day we live - and let's catch up regularly and remember life is meant to be a mix of shared lessons and blessings - shared with others the lessons often turn into blessing disguise! This group is open to all - whether single, with a partner, with friends - join us!  The more the merrier! 






Join us for anything from socialising to discussions - mingle & mix & enjoy life whilst engaging in wonderful activities & making new friends with other like minded people! - What we offer -  nature walks, speak Italian &  Speak French meet ups  but also events where you can just enjoy Italian or any cuisine. Sometimes we'll watch a band by the water, sipping cocktails, then wait for the band to play whilst we have dinner then get up and dance or sit around, enjoy the music & mix & mingle with friends. What more could you be looking for! Haha suggestion? Just send me a message! We may attend the Vivid Light Festival , restrictions permitting . Here are some photos from previous years 



What else do we do? We go to restaurants, cafes, patisseries - we may even mix with other Meetup groups so that we unite where our passions and interests are shared so that you feel like you are experiencing Sydney's best meetups for 45+ friends where 45+ means just that - mingling & making friends with anyone that is well over 45+ = older than 45. The goal of this Meetup is just that - to meetup and enjoy events together with other like minded individuals. This opens up a whole lot of opportunities from friendships, to experiencing new activities and much much more.


WHY NOT JOIN US NOW? -  Exciting Vivid Light Show is always a favourite - But we'll also have a movie night, dinners, drinks to lunches overlooking the bay or ocean, discussion nights, even relaxation, mindfulness walks or talks or both, dancing, festivals, day trips, live bands, cruises, coastal walks and much more ... Fancy learning a foreign language?
Thanks for all your suggestions to date - we are working on implementing as many as possible. We not only welcome your suggestions but also your willingness to share your expertise and most of all your intention to enjoy the the day whilst mingling with friends or making new friends at events.

This is the group to join if you enjoy variety and mingling with a great group or if you enjoy the thought of discussion nights on anything really - happiness, relaxation, mindfulness - suggest one!

Best of all, you make many beautiful friends along the way - what more could you want whilst enjoying many exciting, hidden and not so hidden places in this beautiful city of Sydney we live in & beyond ... any suggestion for weekend getaways? Stay tuned for all exciting events to be offered in 2022!

See you a Meet-Up Event soon! ...




Welcome to 45+ Friends!

Are you ready to have fun and mingle in 2022?

Let's make 2022 a magnificent year - one of work but also play, one of connecting with others but doing so in many an amazing place

This group has its origins 10+ years ago. Back then 35+ was our name 10 years on, we are changing this to 45+ !

When coming for the 1st time, come up & say hello so we can introduce you to other 45+ Friends so you can feel comfortable mingling from day 1.

This group is about connecting as ONE big friendly group - whether wining & dining, film nights, mindfulness or discussion nights & much much more!

After reading this, be sure to check that your email address and mobile number are included and correct. (Especially important for those members that may have changed their email/mobile over the years.) 

FYI Your email and mobile number is safe with the one Organiser - me, Enza. I have been running this and other groups since 2012 and never share any information with anyone else ever.

Only the Organiser, myself, Enza has access to this information and it will stay that way. It will only be accessed, by me, if/when there are last minute changes to events, whether due to weather or as the past few years have taught us, other last minute but very important alerts at events.

In case of event changes, if time is ample, an email and an SMS will be sent to members attending - otherwise if the change is on the day, an SMS will be sent first thing in the morning to ensure all members are updated but only if the situation necessitates it. It may be a courtesy SMS to confirm the event is definitely on eg a walk when potential showers are predicted but the sun is out and we are confirming the walk is on.

Feel free to click on my name/photo to message me privately if you have any questions regarding events or you're coming alone - this does happen if a friend pulls out last minute but it also opens up a whole new world of new friends. Happy to assist. Thank you.
Much appreciated.
Welcome to 45+ !

Hope to see you at an event soon :)

Have you shared your mobile and email address with me?
It is a condition of the group that I have a profile photo that i can recognise you from so if for whatever reason, yours is blurry or not clear, I'll ask you to sms me a clear one. This ensures fake accounts are immediately deleted from member lists. As an Organiser, I will also recognise you at events.

See you at an event in 2022!

Enza x










See you a Meet-Up Event soon! ...

xox Enza



And if you're about to join & thinking about what happens if you need to call someone as you're unable to find the group? A mobile contact number will always be provided to those attending to ensure we are only a phone call away from reaching out to you so click on JOIN & become a 45+ FRIEND xox Enza (Admin) -

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