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An Invitation to the New Group of World Servers Meetup
As Above So Below
This is an invitation to a material plane, physical world manifestation for any who identify as a member of the New Group of World Servers. New energies are pouring into the planet. New ways of doing things are being created. A new age is coming into manifestation.

More than ever before, the networking with those we have only known on the inner plane is possible through the connectivity of the internet and the events of social networking. After 45 years of meditating and connecting with the New Group of World Servers, thru the daily blessing at 5 PM, and saying "The invocation to the New Group of World Servers" as a part of my meditation in my heart and mind, I find I long for the connection with my brethren on the physical plane.

If that feeling resonates in your heart, and mind and Soul, this Meetup event is for you. This is an opportunity to meet and network with other Men and Woman of Goodwill, who strive in their lives to manifest the will to good.

I have long pondered the desire to be able to reach out in the world to connect with others on the material plane with whom I am already connected through our purpose, our intention and our Souls. I have included some information on The New Group of World Servers on my website at or you can do a Google search on the words.

If you resonate in your being with the purpose and mission of this group, this coming Saturday is a unique opportunity to come to know others whose purpose is common. We will meet Saturday February 16th from 7:30 to 9 pm, in the home of Genevieve Gerard in Boca Raton, Florida.

Discussion about the life of discipleship, meditation, service and how we may be of encouragement and support to one another will be the program. We will discuss the meaning of The Blessing of The New Group of World Servers and meditate on “An Invocation for the New Group of World Servers.”

Coffee and tea will be served with lite refreshment. If you are interested in the concept, but not available on this date, you are invited to explore my website at and join my “Consciousness Community.” If you add to your contact information the “NGWS” letters, I will notify you of future similar events. If you register an interest in notification for future events through meet up, I will advise you.

You can also “friend” Genevieve Gerard on Facebook and receive notification that way. You can also follow one of my Twitter campaigns @Imagine1Minute and get a seed thought each day to focus your consciousness for 1 minute on what the world would be like if this seed thought is manifested.

This New Group of World Servers meetup is free (I only request a love donation to help cover the refreshments and the Meetup cost.) You are encouraged to invite others who may be interested. This is a new concept for a New Age and I hope it meets the needs of other “Like-minded” individuals. Please take a moment to review the information and let the Light of your Soul be your guide.

Genevieve Gerard
Touch of the Soul