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While at a networking meeting one day, I came to a realization. Most of the time at these meeting was wasted listening to elevator pitches - because no was really listening! They were thinking about what they had to say instead of what everyone else had to say. Nobody was buying because everybody was selling. We might listen to a few chosen speakers and a list of announcements... It seemed like we were doing everything except networking. In the little time that was left people were focused on grabbing what business cards they could. At the other extreme social events are fine, but they tend to be loud, it is hard to hear and you have no way of knowing who else is in the room. It is very inefficient, particularily if you are new to the group. The purpose of this group employ a simple, new system that eliminates everything that doesn't directly contribute to networking. to help business people build strategic alliances, identify prospects and promote themselves faster and more efficiently than ever before. There are no membership fees or application fees. We do charge a modest event fee so that we can have a dedicated space rather than a noisy restaurant or diner. The goal is always to maximize the experience for our networkers. Whether you are an "Old Pro" or new to networking - building a 5 Second Network is the fastest, most efficient way to grow your circle of influence and jumpstart a community of alliances.

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