Price: $21.00 /per person

Location visible to members


A blank canvas, a glass of vino and your creativity is unleashed! Looking for a way to explore your creativity? Art Plus is an exciting, creative class for both the artistic and not so artistic. Men and women enjoy the class. No experience required! This is our second event at the studio. You may bring 1 guest. ***New Members - This is a great way to meet others in the group***

We had such a great time with our first two experience and the requests have been coming in to do this again, so I've spoken with Bella, the owner and I've contracted for a PRIVATE PARTY at the SPECIAL PRICE OF $21.00. Not only that, we get to choose what we want to paint. SCROLL DOWN and enter your favorite in the questions.

Below is our group photo from our last session on March 19th.

Below is our group photo from our first session in December 2013

We voted and THE STREAM is the painting for the evening that was chosen by unanimous decision.

I have reserved one of the art studio's for a Private Party, Dynamic Professional members and two guest. If we fill up one studio, I have the option of filling the second studio.

Price includes all materials, instruction, aprons and an 11 x 14 take home canvas. You have to option to upgrading to a larger canvas for $5 (I think). Between our group and Susannes group we have hit our 20. I've opened this up for another 20 and we will take over both studios.

MEN ARE WELCOME!! This isn't just a ladies only night. MEN - Come join us to unleash the talent that is just waiting to emerge. Last time we had 3 guys and it was such fun!

This will be a Tuesday night event @ The Art Plus Studio in New Haven.

Check in at 6:30 p.m. class begins at 6:45 p.m. We can bring our own wine, beverages and food of our choosing. Great ambience, good wine and great friends.

A new way to explore your artistic side but not sure where to start? Art Plus Studio offers exciting, creative classes for both the artistic and not so artistic. Come out and join the newest entertainment for an evening of painting, sipping, and enjoying the company of friends. No experience required! All classes 100% novice oriented, no skills required, guaranteed!

Tonight we will be painting THE STREAM. It was the over whelming selection by 85% of those that have RSVP'd.

Please call me with any questions. 561-262-2800.