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Welcome to Colorado's largest singles organization. We have had over 10,000 members join us in our first two years. Our group's success is with hosting organized low key events as well as professionally run social events. We will host as many as 20+ events per month, and at least 5-10 varieties of events each month. We are a private group that you may become an official member with the purchase of a 5280 Singles membership card for only $30. The current card is good through 2019 and allows our members to save $5 on each admission to our popular singles mixers, our BBQ's, large dance parties and special events. It is also recognized around town at many eateries and bars where presenting your card allows you to get your two drinks for the price of one every time you visit, (one BOGO per visit). There are savings on many other contractors and vendors around town as well. Members can also attend our twice per month networking after hours happy hours at no cost to market their businesses for free as well as use their membership card to advertise on our website at no cost and get their first two drinks for the price of one at each networking happy hour. Details of our discounts and events can be found at our website at, where you can purchase your membership card today. You will be required to submit a recognizable picture of yourself to be approved for this Meetup group.

Our groups' challenge is to organize the best large and small events for singles and non married couples along the front range. We know having fun is the best way to make friends, meet other people and build relationships. We are not a dating group. If you are joining this group just to email and hit on other group members, you will be banned from Meetup entirely. We will occasionally host mixers and other events that could help singles meet other singles. If you would like to meet someone nice or someone new in this group, you will need to attend our events. Please do not email or harass our members or you will be reported to Meetup and banned for good. We are targeting people in their 30's, 40's and 50's but welcome every age above 21. We would love for you to join us if you would like to attend any of these events:

Dinners and happy hours every month.

Large Dance Parties, (October, November, December and February)

Live Music. (check out our Summer of 2018 Free Concert Series)

Several instructional events, cooking, dance, artistic, etc.

Hiking or bicycling events.

Visits to comedy clubs, improvs, dinner theater or karaoke venues.

BBQ’s and picnics.

Art walks, botanical garden tours or museum events

Outdoor adventures-skiing, rafting, horseback riding

Weekend trips or getaways.

Movie nights.

Day trips.

Sporting events.

Personal/professional networking events, (currently networking on second and third Mondays)

Visits to wineries, microbreweries, etc.

Attend festivals and local celebrations.

Holiday parties.

Singles Mixers (up to 4 each month)

Cultural events.

Community events.

We are an event based group so we require every member to attend at least one event each calendar year. Occasionally we will take attendance and remove any members who have RSVP'd and who do not show up. It is important for our membership to know that just signing up for this group or sending an RSVP is not the way to have fun and meet others, which is our primary purpose. Additionally if we try to reserve space for a certain amount of people and less than half of them actually show, we can loose our ability to schedule the event or venue again. By requiring attendance to one event each year and the purchase of a membership card by our members, we will have higher turnouts for our events than other groups, allowing for more types of events. We are only letting 10,000 members in at a time to be a part of this group, so please join if you wish soon, before we run out of space. Also make sure you do attend at least one event per year so you can stay in the group.

The advantages of becoming a paid member at 5280 Singles:

1. Full time, professional event organizer dedicated to the quality and frequency of events.

2. Members can save up to $15 per event with their $30 membership card, an incredible investment. In addition there are numerous discounts and two for one opportunities with the membership card.

3. Commitment each month to host events in different areas around town.

4. Members have a vested interest in the success of the group.

5. Our members will often tell you they are meeting quality people at fun/quality events.

6. The cost of membership is an average of $1,000/year less than other professional event companies.

7. On occasion, we will invite other groups to join us to bring in new people to our group.

8. We do some great events that no other groups will even attempt.

a. Large dance parties

b. Free Summer Concert Series

c. Dinners For Eight

9. All of our event hosts have experience hosting their events.

10. Instant social life for people who work on their own, new to town or just need to get out.

11. A better way to meet people and is less expensive than paying for online dating.

12. Paid members can attend free networking events and advertise their business for free on our website.

13. Event venues frequently contact us to do events at their facilities.

14. Great way to visit new places, meet new people and try new things.

15. We prohibit emails between members,(through Meetup), to create a comfortable, safe environment for our members. We will instantly remove anyone who spams our members.

16. We partner with many venues around town to make sure each event can be a great experience for our members as well as our venues.

17. We continuously strive to add more activities to our group as well as a larger variety of events.

18. We have a (easy) requirement for our members to participate.

19. We have more ways to help our membership through our website

20. A membership may cost less than one Uber/Lyft ride and will deliver well more than your initial investment in savings each year.

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