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The Comprehensive Thinking of R. Buckminster Fuller @ Comprehensivist Wednesdays

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Shrikant and CJ F.


We will explore the Comprehensive Thinking of R. Buckminster Fuller as disclosed in his 1969 book "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth". Bucky's Comprehensive Thinking was an inspiration for the "Collaborating for Comprehensivism" initiative which led to Comprehensivist Wednesdays. We will learn more about how Bucky's Comprehensive Thinking, his "comprehensivity", comprehensivism, and Comprehensivist Wednesdays are related.

I have written a brief of the book to help participants focus on the main aspects we will explore. You can read it at

That resource also includes some commentary on comprehensivism as context for our topic and some advice for readers of the book.

To read the book on-line here are two options:

A 44 page PDF is at

A web-based copy is at

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Welcome to the series "Comprehensivist Wednesdays". Transdisciplinarity, Renaissance humanism, homo universalis, and Polymathy are some of the ways of describing this approach which Buckminster Fuller called Comprehensivity and described as “macro-comprehensive and micro-incisive”.

July 15: Why Be a Comprehensivist? — a Panel Discussion.
Watch here:
‪July 22: Louis Sullivan’s Ideas: Art of Expression & Form Follows Function with Architect Sherri Tracinski & Shrikant‬
Watch it here:
‪Jul 29: Humanity's Great Traditions of Inquiry and Action with CJ‬ Fearnley
Watch it here:
‪Aug 5: Optimize Everything: Interview with mathematician Spencer Greenberg on Psychology, society, technology & science‬
‪Aug 12: The Necessities and Impossibilities of Comprehensivism
Watch it here:
‪Aug 19: Polymaths in 21st Century with Angela‬
‪Aug 26: The Art-Experience and The Architecture of Our Identities Karen ‬
‪Sep 2: Neuroscience: Why are our Habits so Powerful? with Sanjay‬
‪Sep 9: Four Cardinal Greek Virtues in Visual Art & Mythology by John Roth
‪Sep 16: The Fundamental Role of Story in Our Lives with CJ Fearnley
Watch it here:
‪Sep 23: Lightening Talks (Talk for 5 minutes about what you are exploring)‬

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