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Hey language lovers, we're having a new meetup at Tipsy Taipei Cafe & Bar. There's no cover charge, we just ask that everyone buy at least one drink to help support our hosts. They have a fantastic selection of snacks, sandwiches, soft drinks and adult beverages at very reasonable prices. 我們的語言交換活動將在每個星期五晚上在重慶南路的書街上舉行,這間餐廳有德國進口及不同國家的啤酒,多種口味調酒及花茶和果汁.也有好吃的麵食,三明治,雞塊和薯條喔! NOW EVERY FRIDAY, yes you can now join the fun every week on Friday 7-12. 每個星期五晚上七點到十二點 *** So what's Language Cafe? *** If you haven't been to an event before it's simple: (A) You meet people and you talk in English or Chinese or Spanish or Japanese or French or Korean or German whatever language you choose... 來這裡認識新朋友~用你想要交談的語言和他們交談,<中文,英文,西班牙語,法文,德文....等> (B) You have a good time meeting people and a chance to learn about someone from another part of the world... 你將有機會認識來自不同國家的人及了解不同的文化及習俗 (C) You potentially meet a life-long friend. (We have had some people meet their new best friends and even future husbands/wives at the event, so anything is possible!) 你將有機會認識你的好友,閨蜜,男朋友,女朋友,甚至是未來的另一半 The most important part is to have fun! And that's it, come check out the event: TIME: EVERY Friday 7:00pm-11:59pm COST: There a minimum cost of 1 drink or food (from $150 and up) to support the event just buy drink/food from the bar. Your drink purchase helps keep the event awesome! They will have special drinks made just for the event. Drinks start at: $150 NT 低消:$150 NT PLACE: No. 63, Section 1, Chongqing S Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100 台北市重慶南路一段63號 DIRECTIONS: A) Take the MRT to NTU hospital Exit 4 and it's a five minute walk away OR B)Taipei main station Exit Z10 and we're 7-10 minutes walk away GOOGLE MAPS: The event is going has been going great so far, join the fun to keep it going. Let's have a great time and hang out at Tipsy Taipei together! 讓我們一起來參與這特別的活動,呼朋引伴,一起擁有快樂時光吧! * Don't forget to invite your friends to join the fun too! 帶你的朋友一起來參加吧! More info you can follow our Facebook page.

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