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What we’re about


We're a mature group of individuals who are at least ( 50 ) years old. Hence, the title of the group ( 50+ ). Please go to the discussion board and read our Guidelines and Policies. You're responsible for knowing and adhering to its contents. We get together to play Bid-Whist. We will teach you Bid-Whist if you would like to learn the game. While playing we listen to old-school music and TALK TRASH.

If need be, please brush up on your game by:
1. Viewing you-tube
2. Googling .... bid whist online tutorial
3. Downloading an App called ( Bid Whist Plus )

We play at different venues or at one of our member's homes. When a venue allows us to play at their establishment we MUST patronage the venue. Each member must spend at least ( $10 ) for food and drink. When playing at a member's home it is a POTLUCK and each person MUST bring a dish or something to drink.


When requesting to join you MUST:
1. Have a current picture of YOURSELF.
2. Write a short bio ( tell us a little something about you )
3. Please state the name of the individual who referred you to us
4. What is your EXACT age?
5. Have you read our welcome message?
Our membership dues are ($20) annually payable each January. If you join after
March 31 the dues will be assessed at a pro-rated amount for the remainder of the year. From the date, you join the group you have (30) days to pay your dues. If you do not pay your dues within a (30) day period you will be removed from the group. Also, you're not allowed to attend a private party at a member's home if you have not paid your dues. Once removed from the group you MUST request to rejoin again if you desire to do so. You may pay your membership dues in cash at a meetup, CASHAPP, or Zelle. If, paying at a meetup please bring the EXACT amount. In the memo section please identify yourself and state the reason for payment when paying online.

CashApp: (404) 680-6481
Zelle: (404) 680-6481

1. Membership dues are utilized to pay for the use of unlimited access to the meetup website.
2. Purchase of cards
3. Purchase of scratch-offs and other MISCELLANEOUS items for the group
4. Periodically we distribute cash prizes
5. Catered events for the group

Please direct any questions, comments, or suggestions to the Organizer or any one of the Assistant Organizers.