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In this Meetup, we will explore the many paths of meditation, mindfulness and consciousness. Borrowing from ancient traditions as well as modern research, we will explore a myriad of concepts that allow us to discuss as well as experience the practices and sometimes mind-bending ideas from the world of “consciousness studies”.

Together, we will get to know various forms of meditation and mindfulness originating in the Buddhist, Hindu and Christian traditions among others…We will explore visualization and vibrational alignment concepts and techniques… breath work, Yogic traditions, sound and visual meditations…classic works, great thinkers and modern leaders in consciousness will be read and discussed , from the Bhagavat Gita to Carl Jung and onward to Alan Watts, Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna and on to the present day with such people as Eckhart Tolle, Esther Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Rupert Sheldrake…and a host of others!

History, culture, philosophy, ancient and modern mysteries…these will find their way from time to time into our discussions as well. Foods and plants as medicine will be explored. Learning about ancient diets and rituals are all on the table.

We will endeavor to explore the eternal questions like, who and what are we? What are the limits of the mind? If we change our thoughts, can we literally change reality? What does science have to say about these matters? What does the past tell us about ourselves? When we look to the stars and the universe, what is our significance in this great immensity? Where are we going as a species and a planet?...

And perhaps, who knows, an excursion or two to discover some of the great spiritual places not far from our doorsteps might be planned.

The goal of this group is to create an opportunity for those with interest in these areas to come together, whether in person or virtually, to share and exchange, to learn, to expand our consciousness and to tap into the fabulous opportunities life offers to us if we are in tune to our own minds and being.

We welcome your particular expertise! Or, simply bring your spirit and curiosity to share!

Please watch for more information on the initial meet-ups for this group coming within the next week or so….This group is in the organizational stage. So, please sign up if you are interested, feel free to propose topics and stay tuned.

Hope you will join us!


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