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NOTE: People in Chesapeake, Norfolk, AND Hampton are encouraged to join! Open to other areas periodically as well!

This group is for anyone who is positive, OPEN-MINDED (I support the good LGBTQ+ people around me, SO NO BIGOTRY), and maybe lost souls or more introverted people who would like to meet up and have a friendly day or time out! Maybe doing some fitness or training? Hiking on one of the many trails? Bowling? Restaurant hopping? Charity work, like, maybe getting together for some arts and crafts for sick children in hospitals? Trash pickup around docks and such? Anime night? Game night? Reading night??? I am flexible and open and a meet and greet is a nice way for me to introduce myself and tell you about all the random things I am into and why I made the group! This group, besides doing good in the community, aims to slay a common enemy --- BOREDOM, and my interests are many!

I am one of those people who isn't from Virginia originally, and I'm still finding myself in my 30s (supposedly, we aren't rare, but meeting people has been HARD) --- this is NOT a hookup group (can't stress this enough). I would love to have a group with people from many walks of life, lifting each other up! If you are interested in a friendly meet and greet, and for doing other things, I'd love to meet you! It would be great to make some good friends! So long as you are at least 18, lost souls with good hearts, are welcome :) --- You may learn new things in this group, try new things and find you love them, and maybe even make some friends yourselves!

If I feel you do not "vibe right" though, or are doing some sketchy stuff in the group, now or later, I can remove you without a given explanation (or if you RSVP and are a "no call, no show" repeatedly)...so please keep that in mind. I have myself and the potential safety of others to consider. Having said all that, make yourself comfortable--- I bring snacks and have a casual air and personality that aims to make people feel welcome, no matter if you are shy or maybe have anxiety or stutter or anything like that! You want cookies? Let me know and I GOT YOU. Jokes? I'm a goofball, so I'll think of something. This group is currently doing some wonderful things and it makes me happy --- get in on some of this! (Or not, come whenever you are comfortable, I'm not going to force you like some tyrant or such...that's cruel, lol)

*** Attendance and No-Show Policy ***

Meetup has their list of rules that one can read, but many people understandably don't read them...it's like those disclaimers you get when installing software that have endless legal jargon, so most just click "ACCEPT ALL". Nevertheless, I want this guide here so people can't say there was no guide, and in actuality, they are REAAAALLLLLLY important! Please be considerate by attending events for which you have RSVP'd "Yes" and please update your RSVP as soon as you know you will not attend. It helps a lot to update and communicate!

--- Why does being a no-show matter? --- (This is a handy guide)

* When you fail to show up for an event, you inconvenience the other attendees because they’ll often wait and/or hold a seat for you.

* If an event has a waiting list, you have kept someone who could have gone from attending by taking an available spot.

* Organizers often make arrangements with a venue based on the number of "Yes" RSVPs, and many restaurants/venues require you to wait for the whole group to arrive before proceeding to be seated etc.

* This also makes businesses reluctant to take our reservations in the future, if we consistently overestimate our numbers. (I typically give very low numbers and surprisingly no one has been turned away on seating, but it would be nice to be in the ball park!)

--- What happens if I’m a No-Show? ---

Habitual no-shows may be restricted from attending future events, and may even be removed/banned from the group.

--- What if something unexpected happens? ---

If you something comes up, please don’t worry. One or two infrequent no-shows won’t affect your standing with the group. Just please let me know! You don't have to necessarily go into any particulars, but it definitely lets me get a feel for if this is a "So what? Who cares about the others?" no-show and a "I'm really sorry, but I hope y'all had a good time!" no-show. There's a big difference.

--- What about late cancellations? ---

A late cancellation may be treated the same as a no-show, especially if there is a waiting list. Please RSVP and/or post in the event comments, once you know you will not be coming.


The easiest way to understand the rules is this: Put yourself in someone else's shoes. Think if you asked 10 people to show up to your wedding and they had gifts and come the day of the wedding, no one comments or calls you, and you reserved space and had goods/items for the 10 people. You reach out and you are basically ignored...it's such a bad thing to think about, right? Try to look at it that way --- we build trust and rapport, especially with businesses/establishments, based on our levels of commitment, which can lead to bigger events or even special events in the future! That'd be fantastic! :)

Lastly, this group aims to have plenty of free (or near free...you just pay for gas to come out) events, cheap events, and moderately priced events. I try to have something for everyone, but please know that this group isn't responsible for any issues like parking tickets, accidents, or anything else that happens on one's way to or from a meetup, and every individual is responsible for any such circumstances that result in loss or what have you. Nothing close to the sort has happened, but while I try my best to reach out to people who I sometimes worry about (if I feel something happened to them), I am not ubiquitous.

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Making Cards For Hospitalized Kids --- At Indian River Library!

Needs a location

NOTES --- The city of Chesapeake is aiming to increase their COVID procedures in city buildings, like libraries. What this means is that masks are STRONGLY encouraged, and they have sanitizing wipes for use to wipe down the room after sessions. I will handle cleanup. Also, because they would like a little more spacing, groups are now 8 people maximum, instead of 12.

Hello again, Uplifters! As many know by now, Indian River Library is a very nice library, with a big conference room, perfect for this event! Like before, there are some rules/guidelines for making the cards! You can read them (not very long) at:


I'll bring a large batch of supplies I have (I HAVE TONS, thanks to very kind donations 😊), like markers, construction paper, a few rulers, stickers, etc. --- any supplies you want to bring would be awesome --- things like old magazines (to cut out photos) and stickers are always great, as are glue sticks and pens and pencils! :)

You may make wholesome cards about nearly anything you would like! Just be sure to check out the rules about glitter and wording. Thanks for reading! 📚 😀

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California Pizza 🍕 😋 Kitchen At Town Center!

Needs a location

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