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What we’re about

NOTE: People in Chesapeake, Norfolk, AND Hampton are encouraged to join! Open to other areas periodically as well!

This group is for anyone who is positive, OPEN-MINDED (I support the good LGBTQ+ people around me, SO NO BIGOTRY), and maybe lost souls or more introverted people who would like to meet up and have a friendly day or time out, while making a difference in our communities or uplifting the lives of others!

Maybe doing some fitness or training? Hiking on one of the many trails? Bowling? Restaurant hopping? Charity work, like, maybe getting together for some arts and crafts for sick children in hospitals? Trash pickup around docks and such? Anime night? Game night? Reading night??? I am flexible and open and a meet and greet is a nice way for me to introduce myself and tell you about all the random things I am into and why I made the group! This group, besides doing good in the community, aims to slay a common enemy --- BOREDOM, and my interests are many!

I am one of those people who isn't from Virginia originally, and I'm still finding myself (meeting people can be HARD) --- this is NOT a hookup group (can't stress this enough). I would love to have a group with people from many walks of life, lifting each other up! If you are interested in a friendly meet and greet, and for doing other things, I'd love to meet you! "Lost souls" with good hearts, are welcome :) --- You may learn new things in this group, try new things and find you love them, and maybe even make some friends yourselves! *Kids are fine at events, provided they are accompanied by a legal guardian.

If I feel you do not "vibe right" though, or are doing some sketchy stuff in the group, now or later, I can remove you without a given explanation (or if you RSVP and are a "no call, no show" repeatedly) please keep that in mind. I have myself and the potential safety of others to consider. Having said all that, make yourself comfortable--- I bring snacks and have a casual air and personality that aims to make people feel welcome, no matter if you are shy or anything like that! You want cookies? Let me know and I GOT YOU. Jokes? I'm a goofball, so I'll think of something. This group is currently doing some wonderful things and it makes me happy --- get in on some of this! (Or not, come whenever you are comfortable, I'm not going to force you like some tyrant or such...that's cruel)

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